Plot Size Conversion In Pakistan 2023: Feet, Yards & Marlas

Plot Size Conversion In Pakistan 2023: Feet, Yards & Marlas

Suppose you are planning to buy land in Pakistan. One thing that comes in all investors is the size of the property. Moreover, dimensions are available that make buying land more feasible for investors, especially overseas investors willing to create a lucrative asset in the community. However, the plot size conversion is not an easy task. Several measuring ways make the process way more manageable. This blog post will discuss all the measuring sizes to help create the definable and needed plot size for your family and loved ones. So, without delay, let’s figure out all the plot size conversion ways and the list to make the conversion process more manageable. There are different plot conversions available for other cities of the country. However, once the investors go through the measurements and the list, the plot size conversion will be a piece of cake.

Land Measurement Units Conversions

Several land measurement units help real estate investors and developers create the desirable asset. Moreover, the units’ common are marla, square feet, square yards, meters, inches, & acres. These units help the investors make a budget-friendly investment fulfilling their family needs. Here are details of the measuring units that are also helpful in plot size conversion effectively.


The marla is the typical and traditional unit of the area of the land. Moreover, the marla is equivalent to 25.2929 square meters. Also, how to measure marla is another task. Here, we are to describe the measurement method. The marla calculates the plots of land.

Many land conversion calculators in the country help measure the desirable size at your pace. However, the cost of these calculators may vary. Further, these calculators are helpful for those looking to construct their home. The method of measuring the marla in the country is quite simple. And to calculate that the investors can use these steps.

  • First, assess the plot land, including the length & width of the property land in feet.
  • Then, evaluate the property land by multiplying the length by the width to learn about the land area in square feet.
  • Convert all into marlas and divide the total square feet by 272.25. The result will provide the area measurement in Marlas.

Square Feet

1 Marla is equivalent to 272.25 square feet. Further, a square foot is a unit of area calculation equal to one foot on each side of a square. It is applicable to determine the dimensions of rooms, flats, and houses. 0.0929 square metres equals one square foot. Moreover, a marla to square feet calculation is straightforward, multiplying the area value by 272 for optimal results. Also, these units are critical when purchasing land. These modest adjustments are typically required when purchasing small land or real estate investments in Islamabad or Lahore. Moreover, many land measurement calculators are available in Pakistan and change occasionally. Investors can now convert marla to square feet or square feet to marla.

Square Meters

In the metric system, square metres are a typical unit of area measurement. Also, it is equivalent to a square with one metre on each side. It is applicable to calculate the sizes of rooms, buildings, and plots of land, among other things. 10.764 square feet is one square metre.

The area in square metres equals a square with one metre on each side. Further, it mainly calculates the dimensions of rooms, buildings, and land blocks. It will assist investors in converting five marlas to square yards. Moreover, the symbol of a square metre is m2. Also, to alter the area value to square metres by multiplying it from 25.293.

These plot size conversions are critical when purchasing a tiny land in places such as Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad. If you want to buy an area in Islamabad, look into some of the most significant housing societies in the city before investing.

Square Yards

A square yard is a part of area calculation equal to one yard on each side of a square. One square yard is 0.8361 square metres (9 square feet). Moreover, it is applicable to calculate the size of prominent outdoor locations. Further, one marla equals 30.25 square yards.

The square yard unit is applicable to measure yards of land. It is a square with one yard on each side. One yard is 0.8361 square metres. Further, investors may also determine how many square yards in one foot. Marla to square yard is attainable by multiplying the area value by 30.25. Plot size conversions are time-consuming, so consider this when purchasing a plot.


Plot size conversion is vital for all investors willing to create assets in the country. Moreover, there are multiple ways that investors can use to get the desirable results. There is an option for simple formulas. Also, some calculators will help convert the land measurement units into another, according to the investor’s need. Further, different land measurement units are applicable in other cities of the country, so it will be vital to understand the specific real estate market through thorough market research. Estate Land Marketing has similar content to facilitate its clients and investors. Thus, please keep visiting our site for a desirable real estate investment.

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