Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism Town

Prism town Gujar Khan is the newest housing scheme working to offer the best living space to all the citizens of Pakistan, especially Gujar Khan. Furthermore, developers are offering high-quality deliverables at the ideal location. And the best aspect is the accessibility, which connects the area to the vital sites. Moreover, the housing society facilitates both local and overseas Pakistani. Furthermore, its amenities make this housing scheme the ideal real estate investment. Lastly, the details of this latest real estate venture are as follows:

Owners & Developers

Prism estate and builders are constructing this magnificent real estate project. Moreover, they have experience of 17+ years in which they have built superb housing schemes. Furthermore, the investors trust them due to their diligent way of working. Despite this, they have a team full of experts and professionals. Therefore, their work performance and their project deliverable are outstanding. Lastly, the builders have already worked for the betterment of the citizens by providing them with the best living spaces.

NOC Status

The No objection certificate is the token of legality for all the investors. Moreover, to make this investment trustworthy and a confident real estate investment, the developers, have approval from the TMA Gujar Khan. Furthermore, the housing scheme will make a profitable asset for all the investors. And investing here right away is mandatory to make a reasonable investment; after the development work progress, the prices of properties here will increase.

Location & Map

The location is another aspect that all investors and future residents look at before making any long-term investment—moreover, this housing scheme is at a central and accessible location. Furthermore, the site is on GT Road, just 3 km from Gujar Khan. And it is close to Al Manan’s Marriage Hall. As we know, Gujar Khan is one of the popular places to invest for the residents of twin cities. And several housing schemes are developing here, like the New Metro City Gujar Khan. Therefore, investing in this real estate venture will be an asset.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Location

Payment Plans

According to their initial payment plan, the housing scheme offers the best-priced properties, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the prices indicate that there will be three plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. And the provision of an instalment is like the cherry on the cake. Moreover, there will be twelve quarterly instalments that help the customers in making a reasonable investment. However, the downpayment is a necessary aspect of starting the investment process. Lastly, the latest prices will be available at Estate Land Marketing. So, contact them for more details.

Prism Town Gujar Khan payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan is still in development and will soon be available with more specified features. Moreover, the properties available here will be of different sizes that will fulfil the living requirement of the residents. Furthermore, it will have residential and commercial plots for local and overseas Pakistanis, like in the Blue World City Islamabad. And the details of these living spaces are here:

Prism Town Gujar Khan master plan

Residential Plots

The housing scheme will have numerous residential properties. But moreover, the developers will make sure to create a high-quality infrastructure. And that will create a quality of living among the future residents. Furthermore, there will be all the commodities, including the basics and the high-end ones. And the best aspect is they will be available at reasonable prices. Lastly, the property dimensions available will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties will allow investors to generate a significant amount of money. Moreover, the investors can either start any business venture or rent the property. Furthermore, the infrastructure will be high-quality, increasing the quality of living and enhancing business growth. And properties that will be available here are:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status

The development work will soon start in the community. First, however, there will be roads that allow investors and prospective residents to tour the housing scheme. Moreover, the developers will make the living space green by planting more trees. Furthermore, the international town planning strategies will be part of the construction work. And that will cause less waste product during the development of society. So, the residents will have a high-quality and sustainable living standard and investment. The most exciting factor is that the housing scheme is still developing; therefore, the investment here will be reasonable. And after the housing scheme grows, the rates will also increase.


The housing venture will offer remarkable features that will enhance the quality of living for prospective residents. and the most prominent features are:

  • Main Boulevard
  • Wide Roads and Streets
  • Grand Mosque
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Commercial Areas
  • Parking Area
  • Underground Electricity
  • Secured Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Availability of all Basics
  • Shops and Malls
  • Healthcare Units
  • Educational Hub


Amenities that fascinate all investors want any housing scheme will be available here. Moreover, the most viral facilities will be:

Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme

When it comes to making a long-term investment, environmental conditions are a vital aspect. Moreover, whether the location is for business ventures or living purposes, the developers will make sure to develop a clean and green real estate option. Furthermore, a tree plantation is currently going on in the community that will add serenity.

Secured Gated Community

Secured living is the aspect that motivates citizens to invest in gated communities. Moreover, the housing ventures will offer that sense of security to all its prospective residents. Furthermore, the CCTV cameras will capture all the happenings. And that’s why there will be fewer chances of any disturbance in the community. Lastly, security guards will ensure everything is in check and safe.

Access to all Basics

The developers aim to offer next-level living standards to everyone. And for that, basic amenities like water, electricity, and gas are significant and mandatory in any housing scheme. Moreover, they will be here 24/7, enhancing the quality of living. Furthermore, these will be reasonable enough for making a sustainable and profitable living.

Business Hub

There will be commercial properties that will facilitate the investors in creating monetary gains. Moreover, there will be several property sizes. Furthermore, they will be reasonable enough that makes it an ideal real estate investment. And there will be an instalment plan that will add value to your money and makes it easier to buy. Lastly, commercial spaces can be helpful for both rental and any startup setting.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The infrastructure will help in achieving long-term living standards. Furthermore, for business purposes, it will help in generating more leads. Therefore, the investment here will make the best financial gains and living standards. Lastly, the high-quality infrastructure will add beauty to the housing scheme.

Pros & Cons

The developers have offered several benefits to all the investors. And the most vital benefits are here:


  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • Access to all Basics
  • Commercial Areas
  • Parking Area
  • Shops and Malls
  • Grand Mosque
  • Sports and Fitness Areas
  • Affordable Properties
  • Ideal Location
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Schools and Colleges


  • Perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

The housing scheme is developing in Gujar Khan. Moreover, the developers are keen to offer everyone unique and high-quality living standards. Furthermore, the location is close to the central city, making it a more attractive option for everyone. And prices show the reasonability of investment. Moreover, an instalment plan will make the process feasible.

Furthermore, facilities and features will create a sustainable and profitable lifestyle. Most importantly, the residents will access all the essential and high-end commodities. Lastly, the investment at this pre-launched stage, so the investment here will now be reasonable.


Prism Town Gujar Khan has the best facilities for all investors and prospective residents. Moreover, Prism estate and builders are building this unique real estate project. Furthermore, they aim to create a living space that will cover all necessities mandatory for a sustainable lifestyle. And the prices and location can be the most charming features that attract all the nearby areas. Moreover, the instalment plan is also here, ensuring the easy buying process. Most importantly, for a business’s setup, the high-quality infrastructure and prices will be a feasible option. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will have the best deals and guidance to invest in prism town.


Q1. What is Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prism town Gujar Khan is the newest housing scheme working to offer the best living space to all the citizens of Pakistan, especially Gujar Khan.

Q2. What is the sitemap of Prism Town?

The site is on GT Road, just 3 km from Gujar Khan.

Q3. Who builds this housing scheme?

Prism estate and builders are constructing this magnificent real estate project.

Q4. Are there pre-launch rates available?

Yes, the affordable pre-launch rates are now available.

Q5. Will there be commercial plots available?

Yes, commercial properties will be available.

Q6. Where can I find the best deal to invest here?

Estate Land Marketing will have the best deals and guidance to invest in prism town.

Q7. Is the instalment plan in the pre-launch rates?

Yes, an easy instalment plan is available at pre-launch rates.

Q8. When will the housing venture start construction work?

Soon, the construction and development work will begin.

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