New Metro City Development Updates

New Metro City Development Updates


New Metro City Development has begun; as we know, the residential venture is still at its initial stages. However, the properties here are selling like a hot cake. And this is because of the name of the developers and the owners. Moreover, the location is the primary concern that attracts most investors as it is close to the Main GT Road, increasing the accessibility of the residential venture. Furthermore, the initial price plan is also fascinating because of its affordable prices, and the provision of the instalment plan is also a plus for all investors. Therefore, this residential investment will best fit Gujar Khan’s and surrounding residents. Lastly, the blog will cover the current happenings going o in the community. So let’s explore its development status.

Owners & Developers

After the success of the New Metro City Kharian, the BSM developers are here with the outclass residential venture that will facilitate the citizen, especially the residents and the investors from Gujar Khan. Furthermore, Bilal Bashir Malik is the owner of the housing scheme. And it is because of the owner’s name and popularity that the housing scheme is a hot-selling venture in Pakistan real estate. Lastly, the name is the reason for its popularity among investors because they rust the services and facilities the developers can offer. Therefore, investment in New Metro City will be the best investment option.

New Metro City Development Updates

The New Metro City Development has begun. And soon, the construction work will start to timely complete the project. Moreover, the New Metro City Gujar Khan will be the best housing scheme available for the residents of Gujar Khan. But, most importantly, the future resident and investors are eagerly waiting to live here and attain a happy and secure life. So, without delay, let’s look at the current development happening in the community.

New Metro City Development Updates

Levelling of plots

The New Metro City Development work is going on a fast track. Moreover, many properties, including several residential and commercial plots, are available in New Metro City Gujar Khan. And the commercial, residential, farmhouses and villas will be part of the community. So, currently, the levelling of the properties and earthwork has begun in the residential venture. According to the latest prices, the plots will be highly affordable. Therefore, investing at this stage can be a beneficial investment option.

Boundary Walls

New Metro City Development work on the boundary walls has begun to make it a secured living space. Moreover, we know it is a gated community like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad and the Seven Wonders City. Furthermore, a sense of security is the basic need of all residents. And for that, the developers have arranged CCTV Cameras to record all the construction work. Furthermore, to make tight security, security guards will look after the development work and help avoid any inconvenience in the community.

Carpeted Roads

Regarding quality deliverables, the BSM developers are known for their spectacular work. Moreover, developers have instructed that the road construction work must start to facilitate the future residents’ tour of their dream property. Furthermore, street lights will be available on roads to help the construction work in the dark. And the street lights also enhance the infrastructure of the community. Another update is that green belts will develop in the surroundings to increase the beauty of the community.

Plantation Drive

There will be a plantation drive starting in the community soon. Moreover, New Metro City Development is going on a fast track, and the developers are looking to make the community green and clean, like Forest Town Islamabad. And for that, there will be a plantation drive in the community. Furthermore, this residential venture will help eradicate climate change’s harmful effects. And it will also improve the attractiveness of residential society. Therefore, the residents here will have the best living standards. So do not wait and make an ideal real estate investment here.


New Metro City Development is currently booming news of the town. Moreover, the developers are also putting up their hard work to bring the best lifestyle for all the residents. Furthermore, the residents of Gujar Khan can make an ideal investment here because of its fabulous features. Moreover, the site and the payment plan are essential features that are highly attractive to all investors and future residents. The developer’s name is also fascinating to investors because of their previous performance in the industry.

As we know, the housing scheme is still in the initial stages; however, construction work is happening in the community to provide the best living space to everyone as soon as possible. Moreover, construction activities, including the plot’s levelling, plantation drive, streets and gate walls, are happening in the community. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing updates its valuable viewers about the latest updates. So, keep going to their website for more building progress.

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