RDA to Conduct a Model Study to Restore Leh Nullah as a Storm Water Route

RDA to Conduct a Model Study to Restore Leh Nullah as a Storm Water Route

Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Development Authority will commence a model study for PKR 69 million to restore Leh Nullah as a storm water route by installing sewer lines on both sides.

The nullah will once again become a clean water channel as the sewage from the city and cantonment regions is transferred via the sewers to the treatment facility at Gorakhpur, close to Adiala.

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha requested two months ago that the RDA set up a commission to inspect the nullah to install trunk sewers, a top official stated.

According to an official, a consultant will be engaged to perform the survey, which will be finished in six months.

Leh Nullah is 16 km long, from the Kattarian Bridge to the Soan River, close to the Rawalpindi bench building of the Lahore High Court. Every day, 600 cusecs of sewage are dumped into this body of water.

The latest significant flood in the nullah was on July 23, 2001, when 620mm of rain fell quickly, causing the worst flood the city has ever experienced. Thirty-five individuals perished, and numerous slums were destroyed. The twin cities’ water level might increase to a frightening eighteen feet if there is significant rain.

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The Planning and Development Department had remarked that the project would probably be authorized next week if their objections were removed. He claimed that because the province government was also interested in the project, it had requested that all objections be removed to approve it.

He claimed that although Wasa was an RDA agency and we had told them not to protest, the Planning and Development Authority had ordered that Wasa complete the work.

He stated that because Wasa possessed land in Gorakhpur close to Adiala village, it was already working on the wastewater treatment facility.

According to him, the city’s sewage will be dumped into trunk sewers built on both sides of the nullah and brought to the treatment facility.

Following approval from the provincial government, the RDA would appoint a consultant and begin operations in January. Six months would be allotted to the consultant to finish the study.

He claimed that from the Kattarian side, the CDA had been instructed to free the conditioned water into Leh Nullah. He said that the CDA would assist the RDA in turning Leh Nullah into a rainfall channel by installing sewage treatment plants.

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