Two Mega Water Projects Approved for the Twin Cities  

Two Mega Water Projects Approved for the Twin Cities  

Rawalpindi: Two massive developments, one of which involves upgrading the sewage system in Satellite Town’s upscale neighborhood, and the other consists of installing four new water sewage treatment plants at Rawal Dam in order to guarantee the source of purified water to the residents of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the Cantt areas.

As per the available information, the estimated expenses for setting up the sewage treatment plant are Rs 5.24 billion, whilst the upgrading of the Satellite Town sewerage system is expected to cost Rs 200 million.

The Punjab Government, the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa), and the Annual Development Program will all oversee the completion of these projects. Funds under the yearly development program have been made available by the Punjab government for these projects in the budget.

All of Rawal Dam’s catchment areas will have their water made suitable for these plants. Twenty square kilometres make up Rawal Dam’s whole catchment area. The water at Rawal Dam is drawn from the slopes of Margalla and Murree, and it is becoming contaminated since it is not treated.

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These four sewage treatment facilities will be set up throughout the dam’s various locations. The catchment area of Rawal Dam has been steadily growing since it was constructed in 1960. Additionally, the Environment Protection Department collected samples of all the water dropping in Rawal Dam from various locations. These samples have now been forwarded to a forensic science facility for quality testing.

The federal and Punjabi governments will jointly start the initiatives to clean all water entering the Rawal Dam. While Wasa has authorized a grant of Rs 240 million to rebuild the outdated sewage infrastructure of the Satellite Town, filters will also be placed at several locations in the Rawal Dam catchment areas.

The caretaker government of Punjab has allocated this sum in the province’s four-month interim budget, which runs from November 1, 2023, until February 28, 2024.

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