Shadman Enclave Lahore


Shadman Enclave Lahore is an upcoming elite housing project in Lahore. The owners of this project are Shadman Developers. It is situated right near to Ferozpur Road, and Canal Road. It is one of the newly emerging housing projects in Lahore offering a luxurious lifestyle. All the world class facilities are part of its master plan. It is providing commercial and residential properties at reasonable rates. The infrastructure development is being carried out while following all the local and international property development standards.

Owners and Developers

Shadman developers are well known for their work in the real estate industry. They have delivered several real estate projects with 100% customer satisfaction. The developers employ a skilled team of designers, technologists, and other technical staff. Furthermore, they also attract the confidence of their investors, as they ensure quality development. Their upcoming project is going to follow international standards with affordable rates.

NOC Status

The owners of this housing project are currently talking to the Lahore Development Authority for the NOC approval. There are greater chances for more investment after the approval of NOC.

Location & Map

It is locatable on main Sharaqpur Road, adjacent to Faizpur Interchange. There is also a road near Toll Plaza of Motorway, which is only two-minute drive away. Some of the other famous housing projects near to Shadman Enclave are Al-Noor Orchard, Al-Raziq Garden, Lahore Gardens, Omega Residencia and Al-Rehman Garden.


The project further spreads over huge land that is separated into 8 different sectors. Some of the prominent sectors are A Block, B Block, C Block, D, Block, E Block, F Block, G Block, and H Block. All of these sectors comprise of different plot sizes i.e. 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and 20 Marla. These blocks include both residential and commercial properties. More, The 50% development work is completed and further work is in progress. The road infrastructure has been partially completed. The entire project has carpeted streets, road lights, and an underground power channel. Further facilities are being installed here. Almost, this housing project is 50% complete. The developers have further laid down the road infrastructure that covers road lights, and underground power facilities.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of this housing project is affordable, as it is available in yearly installment plans.

Salient Features

The Shadman Enclave Lahore provides every type of world class facilities at reasonable rates. The facilities are an important part of any modern luxurious housing project, which make it a complete residential scheme. The project developers have reserved a huge area for the development of green spaces i.e., parks or botanical gardens. Moreover, this housing project is considered the most lavish project with all type of world class facilities. Following are some of the main features of this project.

Basic Utilities

This housing project provides all types of basic utilities for its residents. Such facilities include Underground Power supply system, sewage, and supply of clean water. The purpose of such a system is to make the environment clean and Eco friendly. Owners of this project have made sure that there is no issue of power supply.

Commercial Area

There would be a huge commercial area on our two main sectors with huge size of 140ft and 160ft wide. The owners are planning to carpet roads by joining different squares in this project. There would be several leisure facilities such as shopping malls, cinema halls, health clubs, restaurants and all other services such as Free Wi-Fi environment. Furthermore, the owners are also planning grocery stores for the convenience of the residents.

Latest System of Security

The developers of this housing project are also working to provide world-class security system to the residents. They are planning to deploy several CCTV cameras with night vision system at every corner. Such a system would keep the residents safe, whether they are inside or outside of their homes. Moreover, they are also hiring security staff that would keep an eye on every movement within the housing society. The security officers would be trained, and they would make sure that no crime takes place.

Educational Services

The owners of this housing society are also considering the educational requirements for the residents. For this purpose, they are planning to construct high schools, and universities with foreign-trained staff. The residents of Shadman Enclave would not have to worry about the education of their children. Those institutions would have state of the art security system for the pupils and children.

Huge Green Parks

An ecofriendly environment is the most important factor of any housing project. So, this project would have several Lush green parks and plantations, which makes the entire society worthy of living. The owners have planned to build a Safari Park, and a Central Park to give a nature friendly look to the housing project. Furthermore, the parks would also have jogging tracks, and play areas for children. Those parks would also have an efficient system of security, and they would further give a charming experience to the visitors.

Why Invest in Shadman Enclave Lahore?

One of the main factors that makes this housing project worthy of investment are its world class facilities. The owners of this project have planned to make a luxurious housing project with ecofriendly environment. This housing project would further increase the beautification of the entire city. The owners have worked with experienced designers for the success of this project.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Excellent Security System
  • Eco Friendly Environment
  • Well Planned Road, and Boulevards


  • No NOC approval
  • Huge perception of rates


Shadman Enclave Lahore is going to be one of the most lavish and environment friendly housing projects in Lahore. One of the main features of this housing project is the reasonable payment plan, which is also in installments. The real estate investors in Lahore have a good opportunity to build a dream home for themselves. For further information about this housing project, you may contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of experienced real estate agents, who would discuss about the investment benefits of this housing project in detail.


Q1: What is Shadman Enclave Lahore?

Ans. It is an upcoming ecofriendly housing project in Lahore that aims to provide lavish facilities at affordable rates.

Q2: Who are the owners?

Ans. The owners of this housing project are Shadman Developers, who are well known for their work in real estate sector.

Q3: How is it different from other housing projects?

Ans. The owners of this project have worked with experienced designers for the success of this project. Furthermore, it would provide an ecofriendly environment along with the lavish facilities.

Q4: Is it a legal housing project?

Ans. The owners of Shadman Enclave are talking to Lahore Development Authority for the NOC approval.

Q5: Does it guarantee a high yield investment return?

Ans. Yes, due to its affordable payment plans, there is a high chance of more investment.

Q6: Where is it located?

Ans. This housing project is adjacent to Ferozpur Road, and Canal Road.

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