Sindh government to build a bridge connecting K.N. Shah and Kandiaro

Sindh government to build a bridge connecting K.N. Shah and Kandiaro

Sindh government to build a bridge connecting K.N. Shah and Kandiaro. On Monday, the Sindh government resolved to build a bridge across the Indus River to connect Khairpur Nathan Shah and Kandiaro, hence improving traffic flow between the two major cities and their surrounding districts.

Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah announced while presiding over the 34th public, private partnership (PPP) meeting at the CM House.

Provincial ministers Nasir Shah, Jam Khan Shoro, and Zia Abbas Shah attended the meeting, as did the chief minister’s adviser on law Murtaza Wahab, special assistant Syed Qasim Naveed, MPA Ghulam Qadir Chandio, chief secretary Mumtaz Shah, Prof Sarosh Lodhi, Sindh planning and development department chairman Hassan Naqvi, principal secretary to the CM Sajid Jamal Abro, Asif.

The CM stated that the department of works and services had developed a thorough plan for the bridge.

“The project will greatly cut travel time between Khairpur Nathan Shah and Kandiaro,” the CM stated, adding that the Larkana-Gambat bridge, located 181 kilometers upstream [of the proposed bridge], will save 131 kilometers.

He claimed that the Dadu-Moro bridge (downstream) was placed at 122 kilometers, saving 72 kilometers of trip.

They informed the conference that the bridge would begin from the Indus Highway near Khairpur Nathan Shah in Sita Village and conclude at Kamal Dero in Kandiaro on the National Highway (N5). The bridge and roadways would be roughly 25 kilometers long, excluding approach roads from the N5 and N55.

The bridge will be two kilometers long, and the connecting road will be 11.5 kilometers long on the Khairpur N. Shah side, excluding the approach road from Khairpur NS to Sita Village. On the Kandiaro side, the connecting road would be 11.50 kilometers in length, excluding the approach route from N5 to Kamal Dero.

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Tax exemption

The PPP policy board unanimously authorized the project’s exemption from Sindh sales tax, and it would be discussed and decided upon in the upcoming cabinet meeting.

The meeting was informed that they would repay the debt associated with the Sir Aga Khan Jhirk Mulla Katiar bridge project on the Indus River by Nov 30, 2020.

The PPP policy board unanimously approved issuing a letter of award/acceptance to Zahir Khan & Brothers, the preferred bidder with the highest bid price reviewed.

Sindh would receive Rs 9.75 billion after the first year and Rs 10.8 billion after the project’s fourth year.

The meeting was informed that the Dhabeji zone would enable local and foreign investors to construct industries.

Before the 34th meeting of the KWSB, representatives from the International Finance Corporation, HMCO BNR, and TYPSA presented the Karachi Hub Water Canal Project.

Along with accepting broad project specifications, the board opted for a 15-year concession period for the project. It stated that this would be the country’s first competitively bought water PPP and more water PPPs to come.

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