Taj Residencia Pakistan Package 5 marlas and 8 marlas Plot Prices

Taj Residencia Pakistan Package 5 marlas and 8 marlas Plot Prices


Taj Residencia is one of the perfect housing developments located close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it an excellent investment opportunity for residents of the twin cities. Additionally, Taj Residencia is well-known for its work on projects such as the Centaurus Islamabad. This housing society’s primary objective is to provide comfort and luxury to its investors and future residents. Finally, the location and payment structure are of primary concern to all investors.

Taj Residencia is conveniently located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it a suitable community for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Additionally, this housing project’s main feature is its location. Islamabad International Airport is nearby, as are I-15 and I-14. Second, the payment plan, which is meant to meet investors’ expectations, is another part of this project that deserves consideration. And, as we all know, this is the Sardar group’s project, which is also responsible for the Centaurus Mall Islamabad.

NOC of Taj Residencia

The No Objection Certificate (Noc) is critical to earning the investors’ and future residents’ faith and confidence. As a result, Rawalpindi Development Authority recognizes this housing society as lawful (RDA). Finally, this housing organization provides more amenities concerning its payment plan and location. As a result, the investment will be worthwhile.

Taj Residencia Pakistan Package

Taj Residencia is constantly looking for new ways to benefit its investors. Additionally, the latest deal has something to offer its investors. The Pakistan Package is one such example. This transaction has numerous potential for investors and future residents, particularly twin cities. The package’s biggest advantage is its pricing. Additionally, the housing association offers this package on plots measuring five and eight marlas.

The fundamental idea is to provide accommodation for low-income individuals seeking an investment in a cost-effective housing program. Additionally, this housing property features an easy instalment plan that streamlines the paying process. Finally, learn more about the pricing and availability of five and eight marlas plots.

Pricing and Reservations for the 5 Marlas Plot

This package contains the following: The five marlas plot is available on a four-year instalment plan. It offers quarterly and bi-annual payment options. Additionally, a down payment is required for property ownership. All investors can afford the payment. The price of the five marlas land is PKR 3,500,000/- in total. Additionally, anyone can obtain this by making a down payment and quarterly or bi-annual instalments. There will be additional fees for residences on the corner, facing the park and the principal boulevard.

The plot of 8 marlas Pricing and Reservations

Investors and future inhabitants can choose from eight marlas plots. Additionally, this is included in the Pakistan package. Additionally, the eight marla plots come with an inexpensive payment plan. Society ensures that future residents have access to an instalment plan. Additionally, a four-year instalment plan with sixteen quarterly payments is available. These program will help you construct a budget-friendly payment plan. This land is offered at PKR 4,350,000.

Booking Documents

Documents are a critical component of all legal proceedings. Additionally, documentation is required to confirm any property purchase or sale. The following is a list of required documents for booking the Taj Residencia Pakistan Package.

Two passport-size photographs, a copy of your CNIC, and a copy of your next of kin’s CNIC
The booking fee is payable in cash, cheque, or money order. Additionally, a booking fee of 20% of the total amount is charged.
The Benefits of Investing in Pakistan
As with other housing organizations, Taj Residencia offers a variety of features. This housing society offers a variety of amenities, including water, electricity, and gas, as well as a mini-golf course. Additionally, there will be access to world-class education and health care facilities.

The theme parks and the Centaurus mall two will be the other projects. These development projects will increase investor interest in this housing scheme, as the developer and builder of this real estate endeavor to provide luxurious and high-end living at an affordable price.



As previously said, the Taj Residencia is ready to impress investors and potential residents. Additionally, this housing organization has devised an enticing bargain to assist its investors. The Pakistan package offers eight and five marlas plots reasonably priced and on a convenient payment schedule. Finally, this package is extremely affordable and viable for all investors looking for a low-risk real estate investment in the Islamabad area. To learn more about the booking process, please visit the official website of the kingdom of valley Islamabad.

It would be best to connect to Estate Land Marketing for more information on proceeding with the investment. Real estate guides and marketing specialists make up the majority of our team.  And they are looking forward to discussing lucrative opportunities with potential real estate investors.



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