Water Theme Park Blue World City Features

Water Theme Park Blue World City Features

The Water Theme Park Islamabad is truly synonymous with magnificence & perfection – living fully to the investor’s expectations. However, an investment needs to be all about today’s comforts & tomorrow’s security; that’s why Water Theme Park block is grabbing the attention massively. It is so because Pakistan’s real estate industry is growing way too expeditiously & there are a few societies that are fully-fledged secure & safe. Blue World City, however, stands at par, laced with apt innovative & advanced lifestyle attributes.

In addition, all the property types available at a Blue World City stand for two qualities- one is diversity/luxury & the other is affordability. It is highly pertinent first to afford the luxury that one dreams of. Well, Water Theme Park Islamabad serves the same deal. In addition, there are an immaculate number of facilities which any other society or block rarely provides, making Blue World City, one of the best choices for a bright & luxurious lifestyle.

Blue World Developers

The society is under the high-end management of Blue Group of Companies. A name of trust, experience & top-notch skill set. Having an experience of over 20 years, the firm reflects impeccable skills in their real estate housing projects like Blue World City. In addition, having been in the market for many years, BGC has managed to tap into several other industries & commercial sectors. Offering services that are genuinely immaculate & exceptionally fine in their respective industries.

  • Blue Palm
  • Blue Bricks
  • Commercial Printing
  • Advertising
  • IT Support
  • Architectural Design
  • Constructions Facilities
  • Retail Sector
  • Blue Media
  • Clothing Brand

And much more. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the same amount of skill set, experience, and labor of hardship is there in every field & service. It also eventually translates to society & all its blocks – bear high-end facets such as the ideal Blue World City Islamabad Water Park location, its features & more.

BWC Water Theme Park Islamabad

The proof of how futuristic, promising & high-end Blue World City is – not only today, but tomorrow also, Blue World Water Theme Park comes in a good investment. Furthermore, it is the first-ever collaboration with the finest Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd, China. Making it one of the most beautiful & finest tourist venues for the masses, both locally & globally. The infrastructure truly lives up to what the international standard lifestyle with luxurious facets requires. An investment that covers all edges of impeccable scenery & thematic experience. Some of the standing-out features of the Water Theme Park are;

Impeccable Features

Blue World Water Theme Park Islamabad, however, taps into all things modernity which is the need & want of the investors. From providing fast food chains, vogue choices, and high-end & clean environments to offering world-class thematic parks/amusement spots & whatnot.  Moreover, there are globally acknowledged fast food chains in the Blue World Water Park Theme; McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway & a lot more. As it comes under the commercial sector, it surely proves that Blue World commercial investment is just impeccable. 

Imagine a perfect day out with your family & friends & there’s a whole gamut of thematic entertainment options and amusement spots for you. Wouldn’t that be perfect? In addition, having all this right at your doorstep since BWC Water Theme Park Islamabad is one of the giants & most splendid parts of society.

  • Not to forget that it was built with the collaboration of Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. It does translate to the fact the splendid infrastructure & magnificent framework will be given. No compromise on any of them.
  • There are more than 20 hot rides in Blue World City Theme Park.
  • Vast area for the kids to play
  • The Blue World City Islamabad Water Park ticket price is also exceptionally economical & financially feasible.
  • It is likely to be built on hilly terrain. The incredible & impeccable serenity, along with contentment & moments of pure ecstatic zones.

Water Theme – Area Covered

The impeccable Water Theme Park Islamabad covers over 70,000 square meters of land – creating sceneries & visions that honestly explain the future vision. Moreover, the developers of society always aim for gigantic & enormous frameworks for every block that stands next to the international level perfectly. Therefore, it does require a giant piece of land for the execution.


Bleu World City proves to be a high-end & futuristic investment because of specific reasons. First, investors’ sheer belief, trust & confidence translate to the perfect final product in Blue World City. Furthermore, having complete surety & awareness about the society you invest in is exceptionally pertinent. Although skilled & experienced real estate firms like Estate Land Marketing are always here to help & assist You, we also advise you to do keen, deep & thorough research before investing so that there are no future inconveniences.

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