Water Front Block Distinctive Features Details

What are Blue World Waterfront Block Feature Details

Blue World Waterfront block ticks all the boxes of an investment worth a far better, secure & lucrative future. The same goes for all other property types of Blue World City Islamabad. It is so because the developers of society make sure that there’s no compromise on the quality of lifestyle. Moreover, with impeccable infrastructure, accessible location, high-end master plan, highly affordable payment plan & synonymous perfection amenities, there’s everything dreamy & achievable.

In particular, the Waterfront district of Blue World City is an even bigger & massive sub-project by Blue World City, adding a gamut of diversity & variation for the investors. The entire block stands for luxury, excellent infrastructure & economical prices—an investment that is affordable today & secures tomorrow.

Blue World City Investment

Pakistan’s one of the most prominent housing societies includes Blue World City Islamabad, among the top choices. Furthermore, the first built-in society promises an out-of-the-world infrastructure & luxuries that genuinely stand for magnificence. Also, the investors are taking on the opportunity hands-on. It is because only some of the societies in Pakistan manage to provide the facilities & facets that the Blue World City provides or even all the blocks in it are capable of.

The aim of the developers has always been crystal clear in terms of changing the lifestyle standards in Pakistan. Make sure that people of all social classes can live a luxurious & top-tier lifestyle – without any differences. Moreover, Blue World City is the first-ever housing society in coordination with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation – a Chinese company. Also, It’s two of the finest real estate companies joining hands are meant to result in impeccable results. That’s precisely what defines BWC investment.


Apart from having exceptionally trusted & experienced developers, many facets attract investors. The Blue Group of Companies has served for more than 20 years; therefore, they have always aimed for the international level & advanced lifestyle. Furthermore, to make it dreamable & achievable for all social classes. The precise reason why Blue World City, including Water Front Block investment, is an investment to look out for.

NOC Status

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) thoroughly approved the society. No Objection Approval (NOC) holds immense importance as it legalizes the property & makes sure that there are no inconveniences & mishaps in the future of any kind. The NOC approval number issued by RDA is;

  • RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148

Blue World Waterfront

Pakistan’s first-ever waterfront community is all about focusing on pure luxury & comfort for the investors. Moreover, there are water streams, a tiny golf club, impeccable commercial zones, dancing fountains & much more. In addition, there are also floating restaurants in Blue World Waterfront which have yet to be seen in any other society in Pakistan. Also, the magnificent block also includes a grand mosque, cinema, water sports & whatnot. Now, doesn’t that sound like a perfect investment opportunity?

Waterfront Location

Having all the splendid facets of the Blue World waterfront block in mind, the location aspect, too, brings pleasant news. Furthermore, since BWC is directly reachable via Main Chakri Road & proves to be an exceedingly commercial location, so are its blocks. It is so because the It located at Sunset Avenue & thus provides access to the multiple keen areas in the twin cities.

Here are some of the access points;

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road – Just 5 min drive
  • Islamabad – Lahore Motorway – Just 5 mins
  • New Islamabad International Airport – Just 20 mins
  • CEPEC path – just 10 mins

Payment Plan

What sets a society or block from other society comparisons is that having all the luxuries & comforts is even affordable. Can people even think & then afford to buy their dream house in this or what? Well, Blue World Waterfront is all about that & much more. Making dreams come true. Here’s the highly affordable & economical Blue World Waterfront price range;


  • The 6 Marla costs 1,750,000, while the monthly installment is just 17,500. The down payment is 175,000.
  • 12 Marla price is 3,150,000, while the monthly installment is just 31,500. The down payment is 175,000.
  • The 18 Marla costs 4,200,000, while the monthly installment is just 42,000. The downtime is 420,000.


Here’s the waterfront commercial payment plan;

  • 5 Marla costs 8,000,000, while the monthly installment is just 80,000 and 800,000 as the down payment.

In addition, the Blue World Booking Process is also very easy and seamless. Something that truly is making the lives of all investors and stakeholders easier.

Blue World Waterfront Salient Features

Many core features of BWC Waterfront stand right next to the luxury of magnificence & splendidness. The block has everything from having a safe and secure future to top-notch development infrastructural designs. Since the block’s name is self-explanatory, hinting at the purposes it will offer. Again, a massive part of it surrounds lakes & landscapes. Here are some more included;

  • Water sports
  • Cinema
  • Water belts
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Gated Community
  • Wide & Clean Roads
  • Supreme & Solid Security System


Blue World Waterfront block offers what an ideal investment is known for. Furthermore, it offers the investors all the facilities they want in one place & that too at the most affordable prices. The decision to buy property & invest in real estate comes around very few times in a lifetime; therefore, always invest wisely. You can contact one of the finest & experienced real estate firms, Estate Land Marketing, anytime.

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