What is Blue World City 5 Marla Payment Plan?

What is Blue World City 5 Marla Payment Plan?

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the underdevelopment real estate projects aiming to revolutionize the real estate sector. It will be one of the main innovative projects that are currently under development. The owners of this project include every kind of online booking feature that would make the booking process easier. Also, the investors would be able to reserve their plots from anywhere. Some of the Real estate and financial experts believe that the housing business of Islamabad would be revolutionary.

This housing project is becoming popular among real estate experts due to innovative housing facilities. Its developers have recently released a pricing plan for the Blue World City 5 Marla Payment Plan.

Owners and developers

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and a famous Chinese engineering company called Shah Jian engineering company are collaborating together to develop this project. The construction companies are known for providing some of the huge housing construction projects before. These companies have hired more than 300 talented workers to make the entire project an innovative venture. The CEO of Blue Group, Chaudhry Saad Nazir is the one, who aims to change the real estate business with the project.

Location & Map

A lot of real estate investors do consider some aspects of the property location where they want to invest their finances. It signifies numerous factors like beauty, security, and accessibility for the ease of inhabitants. As per the recent Blue World City updates regarding the location of this project, this housing project would be a few miles away from the main Chakri Road adjacent to the CPEC route. Besides that, the M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway is also close to it along with the underdevelopment of Rawalpindi Ring Road. Even, the Islamabad International Airport is only a few miles away from it, which increases its significance. Some of the main real estate projects of Rawalpindi like Bahria Town and DHA are also near to it.

Blue World City 5 Marla Payment Plan

The owner behind this housing project has prioritized providing an inexpensive housing plot to its investors. The only purpose of such a reasonable plan is to provide a disturbance-free facility for the investors. Every real estate developer makes sure that their client faces hurdles in buying plots. The investors should start of their investment by considering a reasonable Blue World City 5 Marla Payment Plan. The installment plan is going to be flexible, as this project is under development. After the successful completion, the rates of this project would rise more than before.

Some of the real estate investors found the Blue World City 7 Marla Overseas Payment Plan satisfactory for investment. The investors have found that the entire housing project is less costly. The payment plan suggests that the price of

  • 5 Marla plots would be 1,490,000. Even, there would be a discount of PKR 149,000 because a 10 percent downpayment option is available. Apart from that, there would also be a 40-month installment option at PKR 14,900 and 8 half-yearly installment option of PKR 93,125. The Blue World City 5 Marla Payment plan is less expensive, according to the new plan.


A Blue World City 5 Marla payment plan proves that is going to be an adorable housing project. It will be reasonable for all types of real estate investors. The only purpose of the owners is to ensure that real estate clients would easily enjoy a happy life with innovative housing amenities. The ideal location of this project makes it one of the most iconic projects in the real estate business of Islamabad.

The real estate investors who find the recent payment plan satisfactory should contact Estate Land Marketing. Our team comprises professional real estate agents, who would help in the reservation of plots.

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