When will the housing market crash again? Updates 2023

When will the housing market crash again? Updates 2023

Majority of the homeowners have expressed concerns about the prices that can often panic. For many individuals, their only biggest investment in real estate starts from their home. There is a huge nervousness among the real estate investors that often causes potential threat to their investment. Any sort of real estate market crash can cause negative impact on their investment, hence causing losses. On the national level, many of the housing activities have witnessed a sharp decline, in contrast to previous years. For instance, some rates decreased from the initial months of year 2022, but increased during 3rd quarter of that year. Many of the real estate experts have often expressed their concerns of real estate market bubble that may occur at end of year 2023. Within the coming years, the real estate investors had witnessed 2 percent increase in the housing price, which was higher than previous years.

Real Estate Market Crash

What does decline in prices indicate?

When one talks about house prices decline, it relies on numerous factors like real estate market crash, or market boom. Some of the other important factors regarding the decline in rates is below

Listing of decreasing rates or price drops.

If there is a house in real estate market for auction, and not gaining much interest, then this requires discussion. In these cases, listing agent and sellers often negotiate with each other about the changing prices of homes. When one sees about the drop of listing prices on huge scale, it indicates that the seller market is witnessing ease, and would favor buyers. During 3rd quarter of 2023, almost 18 percent of houses had witnessed price cuts of listing. Several real estate data have revealed that 20 percent of the houses witnessed rates cuts at year 2022. Many of the real estate investors have considered Real Estate Market ETF to be safe investment.

Increase of sale prices

In many of the real estate markets like Pakistan, sale prices of houses are still higher, as compared to previous year. This shows that they are growing at a much lesser pace, which shows there is a possibility of real estate market crash. Several surveys have indicated that sales price of a home are median, and peaked at $434,780 from 2nd quarter of year 2022. One can seriously consider this significant jump of 15% from 2nd quarter of year 2021.  Between the time May 2022 and July 2023, rates of the houses remained flat.

Decline of rates by month.

One can say that median of home sale rates in August 2023, which is more than the one in July 2023. Many of the financial experts have considered this real estate market decline of housing prices to be on monthly basis. However, due to the principally periodic nature of real estate market, one considers month-to-month numbers too volatile to indicate changing trends of real estate prices.

Drop of prices

Majority of the home sale prices have been increasing with every passing year, starting from month. One of data revealed that price of 3rd quarter of year 2023 witnessed 3 percent increased, in contrast to year 2022. Majority of the houses had lesser prices in August 2023, while the sale to list rate remained high and have not changed. Many of the real estate experts have witnessed crunch of housing inventory. Majority of the buyers are willing to give exact amount that the sellers are willing to charge by selling their home. The declining prices of homes are indicating that the real estate recession might take place in coming years. In such cases, one may not buy on high interest rate of mortgage.


There are variety of contributing factors, which show that real estate market around the globe might witness changes. Majority of the real estate markets that revolve around difficult financial modeling of real estate prices. There are several elements that result in real estate market crash, which would then result in losses of investment. For further details about the potential crash, we would recommend you to visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy website involves all kind of data analysis regarding the past and future trends of real estate.


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