Which Block is best for Residential Investment in Blue World City

Which Block is best for residential investment in Blue World

To make a secure & lucrative residential investment in Blue World City Islamabad, certain aspects hold exceedingly high importance. Besides, to grab the investor’s attention, a society has to level with all the needs and wants of a perfect innovative & advanced lifestyle. It is almost synonymous with the international standard. Moreover, a promising housing society makes sure of two pertinent factors: giving a personal-professional life balance & the other is economic rates. The long-dreamt luxury & infrastructure also need to be affordable. Well, Blue World City covers it all & more. Talking about the Blue World City Residential Block, there are multiple finest choices for investors.

In addition, all Blue World City blocks are exceedingly flawless & ideal for investment. Therefore, potential investors watching out for the residential investment options in society can measure up the payment plan, location facilitates & other factors.

Blue World City Developers

One of the biggest reasons Blue World City can grab massive attention is its developers. Furthermore, the presence of a globally known Blue Group of Companies to supervise & execute BWC holds immense importance. It is so because there needs to be a sense of trust & confidence between the investors & developers. Besides, it can be only possible if the owners & developers have managed to deliver successful & at-par services & ventures.

Blue Group of Companies is a brand that has been serving for over 2 decades, tapping into multiple niches, industries & markets. Whether it is real estate, marketing, architectural services, execution, printing, Blue Bricks, Blue Palm, clothing, or any other, the guarantee of excellence is a must.

Available Property Types

The diverse & varied master plan of Blue World City gives far more choices to the investors. Thus, the influx of career possibilities and personal comforts take a leap too. In addition, the Blue World City Residential Plot prices are exceedingly economical so that residents can choose as per their feasibility. Some are;

  • General Block
  • Sports Valley
  • Waterfront District Block
  • Awami Complex
  • Overseas Block
  • Hollywood Block
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Blue Hill Farms
  • Serene Villas

& More. We, however, will tap into which Block offers the best residential investment among them.

Residential Investment – Blocks Payment Plan

The investment needs to offer the best & finest personal comforts that flawlessly translate the phenomenon of luxury. However, here are some affordable payment plans in multiple blocks;

General Block

  • 5 Marla costs 1,490,000 with only 149,000 as the down payment.
  • 8 Marla is for 1,915,000 with only 191,500 as the down payment.
  • 10 Marla price is 2,290,000 with 229,000 for the down payment.
  • Now, 1 Kanal cost only 4,290,000 and 429,000 for the down payment.
  • 2 Kanal costs 8,300,000 with 830,000 as the down payment.

Overseas Block

  • 7 Marla price is 1,925,000, along with 192,000 as the down payment.
  • 10 Marla costs 2,680,000, whereas the down payment is just 268,000.
  • 14 Marla price is 3,650,000 with 365,000 as the down payment.
  • 1 Kanal price is 4,800,000 with 480,000 as the down payment.
  • 2 Kanal price is 7,700,000 with 770,000 as the down payment.

Holly wood Block

  • 10 Marla costs 4,500,000 along with 1,125,000 for the down payment.
  • 1 Kanal costs 7,500,000 with 1,875,000 for the down payment.
  • 2 Kanal costs 14,000,000 with 3,500,000 for the down payment.
  • 4 Kanal costs 26,000,000 with 6,500,000 for the down payment.

Waterfront District

  • 6 Marla total cost is 1,750,000. As for the down payment, it is 175,000.
  • 12 Marla costs 3,150,000, along with 315,000 as the down payment.
  • 18 Marla is for 4,200,000 & the down payment is just 420,000.

Awami Residential Complex

  • 3 Marla price is 690,000, along with a 59,400 down payment & just 6,900 as the monthly installment.
  • 4.5 Marla price is 975,000, along with an 87,500 down payment & just 9,750 as the monthly installment.

These are some Blue World City residential plots details that stand all about diversity & economic feasibility.


Another factor that stands of immense importance in deciding which Block to choose for the residential investment is the location. The question comes down to how many infrastructural, professional & career-oriented comforts a particular place has. Moreover, if personal amenities are added, the investment becomes way more attractive & lucrative. A perfect package for today & the coming tomorrow. Well, Blue World City resides on Main Chakri Road & is directly reachable from not only M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway but also from New Islamabad International Airport.

In addition, multiple other key & commercially prosperous spots & venues of the twin cities are insanely nearer, facilitating the residents in every way possible. The presence of all educational schools, commercial hubs & other societies also gives a family-friendly environment. However, the location of all blocks (for residential investment purposes, too) is at such an ideal spot.


The decision to have a perfect residential investment, Blue World City, provides various options in multiple blocks. It depends on the investor’s needs, wants & feasibility of what suits them, not only today but in the future. However, this is also why being exceptionally aware & educated about the property types & their standing-out features is essential. In addition, a skilled & experienced real estate firm, Estate Land Marketing, is always here to assist, answer && book your plots.

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