ASF Karachi

Asf Karachi 

Asf Karachi 

Asf city Karachi is the unique housing society in Karachi. As the name suggests, it is the Project of Asf Karachi in collaboration with King’s Group. The total area of this housing society is 3000 acres. Furthermore, the location is the best feature of this real estate project. It is at M9-Motorway (Hyderabad-Karachi), making it the best property investment in Karachi 2021. As we all know, Asf Karachi is here to facilitate the Airport Security Force employees and the general public. Secondly, the master plan is vast and has several blocks and plots to fulfill the requirement of the investors. Lastly, to know more regarding asf Karachi, continue reading.

Owner & Developers

Asf Karachi is the real estate project building by the ASF Foundation and King’s Group. Moreover, both institutions are famous for their development work. They know the art of building magnificent housing schemes. Furthermore, ASF is the foundation that works for the welfare of Airport Security Force employees throughout Pakistan. Therefore, this trust has developed this housing society not only for airport security forces but also for the public, to offer them high-quality living standards in one gated community. Secondly, the king’s group is famous for its development project, especially in Karachi.

Location & Map

The location is the first thing that comes to all investor’s minds before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the site is the most appealing aspect of this housing society, as it is at M9-Motorway on Eastern Border. And, it is close to Thatta district and Jamshoro District. Furthermore, the location is highly accessible from all the adjacent sites. Most importantly, it is close to Jinnah International Airport, Bahria Town, DHA City Karachi, and Toll Plaza. Other comparable housing societies are Indus city, Gulshan e Naseem, Seven Wonders City,  Al Muntazar City, Al Qasim City Karachi, Al Mehdia City, and Ujala City Housing Society.


ASF Karachi Location

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is mandatory to gain the confidence of the investors. However, ASF Karachi is already famous for receiving tons of investors. But, to facilitate the investors more, the developers have legal status. Furthermore,  the housing scheme has approval under the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). Due to its legal status and the brand name, the development work here is going on at full pace. Lastly, the developers offer all amenities to their investors in one gated community.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is has a lot of importance from an economic point of view. As we all know, a dream home is a wish and need of every individual. Therefore, the developers are developing a highly affordable price range like the kingdom valley payment plan. Furthermore, there is an availability of an installment plan for the further facilitation of the investors. The payment plans are as follows with all the relevant details. Lastly, to know more updates regarding the latest price range, visit the official website of Estate Land marketing.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The residential plots price ranges are as follows

ASF residential Payment plan

Residential Bungalows Payment Plan

The price details and all the relevant data is in the table below


ASF Karachi Bungalows


ASF Karachi Master Plan

The master plan is what this housing society is unique and filled with amenities. Moreover, the developers offer high-quality living standards to the investors and residents at affordable prices, just like the Blue World City Islamabad. Furthermore, there are several phases and blocks available here to meet the needs of the residents and investors. There are three phases here in this real estate project phases 1, 2, and 3. As the requirement of investors is large, so there are twenty blocks in this housing society. Lastly, all blocks have several facilities at an affordable price range. The detailed master plans are as follows:



ASF  Karachi Master Plan

ASF Karachi Development Status

The development work is going on at a fast pace. Moreover, at the end of 2022, the development and construction work will complete. All these stats clear one thing in mind that investment here will be valuable. Therefore, without wasting time, investing here will be beneficial. Furthermore, its development is its location and payment plan, suitable for all the investors and residents. And the legal status also encoring investors to invest in this real estate project. Most importantly, the provision of an installment program makes this housing society a suitable investment option for investors from all economic backgrounds. Lastly, to get more information about the latest development updates here, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


There are several features available here some of them are as follows:

  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Affordability
  • Grand Mosque
  • Health Care Units
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Community Support Center
  • Theme Parks and Play Grounds
  • Grocery and Shopping Malls
  • Eco-Friendly Project
  • Sports Complex
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Provision of all basics like electricity, gas, and water


From the numerous amenities, some facilities are available in this housing society.

Environmental-Friendly Housing Project

The housing society makes sure to follow the international urban town planning practices. Moreover, the process allows less wastage of the construction material. Furthermore, there is a plantation drive going on in the housing society to enhance the freshness and cleanliness of the community.

Grand Mosque and Graveyard Provision

Religious obligations are a mandatory aspect of every community. Therefore to fulfill this requirement of the residents and investors, the developers have offered the grand Mosque. It will facilitate them with the best religious experience.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers want to offer a high-end living experience to their residents with high-quality infrastructure. Moreover, it will increase the worth of this real estate investment. Lastly, the high-quality infrastructure also adds beauty to the housing society.

Healthcare and Education Facilities

Education and healthcare facilities are the basic every society need to grow sustainably. Moreover, to offer a high-living experience, the developers provide both facilities. Especially the healthcare units will be available 24/7 to facilitate the resident in an emergency. Lastly, the schools and colleges here comply with international education standards.

Business Opportunities

The master plan has a commercial area that will encourage the investors to grow economically. Moreover, the commercial plots are available at affordable prices where all residents can start their business according to their budget.

Foolproof Security System

The security system of this housing society is crucial as there will be the availability of CCTV cameras. The cameras will be recording all the activities going on in the community. Moreover, the security guards will be present 24/7 to help with any inconvenience.

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this residential project are as follows:


  • Availability of all basic 24/7
  • Schools and colleges
  • Health care units
  • Theme parks and grounds
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial area
  • Peaceful and secured environment
  • Eco-friendly housing society
  • Well-planned drainage system
  • Police station


  • The only con is the misperception of high plot prices. However, the payment is highly affordable with an installment option.

Why Invest In ASF Karachi?

Asf Karachi is the housing scheme by Asf foundation and king’s group. Moreover, the housing society is filled with amenities to facilitate the investor’s high-end living standards. Furthermore, the housing scheme is highly affordable with an option of an installment program. The location of this housing society is also highly accessible from the Jinnah International Airport, Seven wonders city, and Bahria town. Moreover, These features are available in one gated community, making this housing society an ideal real estate investment. Secondly, the legal status of this residential project makes it a more responsible investment. Lastly, the development work is going on at a high pace, so that investment will be highly beneficial now. As the development work progresses, investors might see a spike in plot price.


The housing society has a unique master plan for all residents looking for high-end living standards. Moreover, the developers are famous for their mega-developing projects. Furthermore, the payment plan and location is the most appealing feature of this housing society. The location is accessible from all vital sites from the surroundings, especially from Jinnah International Airport. All these features make this housing society a valuable real estate investment. So, without wasting time, visit the location and seek guidance from the professional realtor before making any real estate investment. Lastly, to get the latest updates on this residential project, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is ASF Karachi?

It is a residential project in Karachi.

Q2. Who is the developer?

ASF Foundation and the King’s Group are the developers of this housing society.

Q3. Is the housing society legal?

Yes! Under the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA), the housing society has a legal status.

Q4. Where is it located?

It is at M9-Motorway on Eastern Border

Q5. Is this residential project affordable?

Yes! The price range of plots is highly affordable.

Q6. Is there is an option of an installment program?

Yes! There is a facilitation of an installment program.

Q7. Is the location is accessible?

The location is accessible from various vital sites; it is incredibly close to Jinnah International Airport.

Q8. Is this will be a valuable real estate investment?

According to the housing society’s facilities, location, and payment plan, this is worth investment.

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