'Despite the difficulties, Nasla Tower is being demolished,' SC stated

‘Despite the difficulties, Nasla Tower is being demolished,’ SC stated

‘Despite the difficulties, Nasla Tower is being demolished,’ SC stated. According to reports, the city administration informed the Supreme Court of Pakistan that despite certain ‘unavoidable challenges’ on a daily basis, most notably public protests and threats against the contractor, demolition work on the illegally constructed Nasla Tower was proceeding without interruption due to the destruction of side walls on all floors.

According to informed sources, Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Memon presented a thorough report to the apex court on Friday detailing the status and obstacles of the demolition process, which was continuing in ‘full swing’ round-the-clock despite the ‘worst case scenario’.

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The report stated that the sidewalls of all floors had been demolished and de-rooting of all floors had been completed from the center, providing some place for laborers to stroll.

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It stated that both lifts had been decommissioned and that the final step, namely the installation of structural columns, had been initiated top-down.

The apex court was informed that more than 400 laborers, seven excavators, 25 demolition hammer machines, and a heavy machinery excavator equipped with a jackhammer were employed in the demolition of Nasla Tower, which was constructed over 1,121 square yards on Plot No193-A in the Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society at Sharea Faisal.

On Nov 28, the Supreme Court ordered the commissioner to quadruple the number of laborers from 200 to 400 within a week to dismantle the tower.

The commissioner mentioned in his report that certain precautions were also taken to ensure the public’s and property’s safety.

The safety measures included the installation of safety netting around the building’s four sides, the erection of barriers, the establishment of a traffic police picket to direct traffic to the alternate route, and the deployment of police and Rangers.

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