Firms interested in demolishing Nasla Tower submit a cost estimate

Firms interested in demolishing Nasla Tower submit a cost estimate

Firms interested in demolishing the Nasla Tower are required to submit a cost estimate. On Wednesday, the six companies that had submitted proposals for the demolition of Nasla Tower to an eight-member committee were requested to submit their respective demolition costs.

Asif Jan Siddiqui, the committee’s chairman, that the final report on the building’s demolition would be submitted to the commissioner on Friday (tomorrow), since interested firms were required to submit the final cost of demolition on Thursday (today).

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He stated that two local firms that formed joint ventures offered to raze the building with controlled implosion blast, and that numerous other local firms expressed interest in mechanical destruction.

According to the DC, two of the organizations had experience mechanically dismantling 12- to 14-story buildings. He stated that no building in the country has been recorded to have been levelled using controlled implosion blast.

Mr Siddiqui stated that the group, comprising of technical specialists, would consider the advantages and disadvantages of the demolition methods given by several companies.

He stated, however, that mechanical demolition was significantly less expensive than controlled blast destruction. Firms interested in demolishing Nasla Tower submit a cost estimate.

He stated that the group will suggest the “safest, quickest, and most cost-effective” method of demolishing the structure. Commissioner Iqbal Memon established the committee to award the contract for the building’s demolition.

A request of interest was published in significant media regarding the safest and quickest method of dismantling the 15-story residential structure. The Commissioner’s office in Karachi made the offer.

Nasla Tower is a residential development spanning 1,121 square yards on Plot No193-A under the Sindh Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, or SMCHS, in Sharea Faisal.

On June 16, the SC ordered the tower’s removal due to its faulty construction on a service road. The court also ordered the builders to repay registered purchasers of residential and commercial apartments within three months.

On Sept 22, a three-judge SC court dismissed a review petition challenging the building’s demolition and ruled that the owner of Nasla Tower bears the demolition expense; if the owner did not pay, the commissioner should sell the land.

On October 16, the district administration issued vacation notices to inhabitants of Nasla Tower, and on October 26, the Supreme Court ordered the tower’s utility connections to be removed.

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