Elysium Tower Islamabad


Elysium Tower is an upcoming commercial project in Islamabad that aims to provide lavish commercial & residential lifestyle. The stylish structure of this project represents a world-class architecture and design. Furthermore, the tasteful inner design of the project shows that it is going to have luxurious facilities for its visitors. This project is going to be a classic example of a modern development. It also has huge retail shops along with stylish apartments.

Owners and Developers

Oasis Developers, a real estate company, known for providing 100% customer satisfaction, is the owner of this project. The developers of this project have hired skilled engineers, who are using earthquake-resistant technology for this project. For this purpose, they would use a high-grade construction material. The owners of this project are working hard to provide world-class environment at less expensive prices.

NOC Status

The Capital Development Authority has approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of this commercial project. Any real estate project gains more trust and confidence from their investors after the NOC approval. Moreover, there is a huge chance of such projects for their timely completion. The NOC guarantees that the project is not illegal.

Location and Map

The commercial project is situated between Ibn e Sina Road, and Jinnah Avenue, right next to PIMS Islamabad. It is parallel to Centaurus Mall, a huge shopping mall and residential complex in Islamabad. Moreover, this commercial project is accessible through following other ways:

  • Opposite to Centaurus Mall
  • Near to Ibn e Sina Road
  • Adjacent to Jinnah Avenue
  • Next to Faisal Avenue
  • A few minutes drive away from Srinagar Highway



The Master plan of the commercial tower includes floorplans with luxurious facilities. They are well-designed in a wonderful manner that offers ultra-luxurious comfort. It proves that visitors are going to enjoy such facilities for the first time in Islamabad. This project also covers an area of more than 241,628 square feet. The developers would reserve five floors for business purposes, out of which 4th and 5th floors would be dedicated to food courts. The visitors would be able to utilize two different entrances for their convenience. The upper ten floors are reserved for the residential apartments. It features apartments & a unique mall so it has 2 separate entrances for both the purposes to ensure the privacy of its visitors.

Payment Plan

The payment plans of this project are affordable with easy installment plans. The installment schedules would be very easy for the investors to pay. The apartments are now available for booking at reasonable rates.



The facilities are an important part of any real estate project, which makes it a complete project i.e. Florence Galleria. The developers of this commercial project have offered all types of modern facilities at affordable rates to their visitors. Moreover, they would reserve a huge area to establish green grass. Following are some of the most important facilities of this commercial project.


The owners of this project have planned to provide an environment-friendly society to the residents. The residents would have the facility to enjoy a mature, friendly lifestyle with world-class facilities. No other commercial project in Pakistan would provide such a natural lifestyle.

Water Resources

The owners of this project have also considered the water needs of their residents. For this reason, they are planning to install huge water reservoirs at different floors of this commercial project. Such reservoirs would store huge amounts of water, so that the residents can use it for their daily use.

Commercial hub

The developers of this project are taking care of every commercial need of their residents. For this reason, owners would reserve a separate floor for the development of malls and corporate offices. That floor would also have some retail stores, where the residents would fulfil their shopping needs.

24/7 safety

It is important for the owners of any commercial project to make their residents feel safe. So, they would install a community gate with some surveillance gears to monitor the movement within the project. Furthermore, the developers would also install 24/7 CCTV camera at every sector.

Good Quality Road Infrastructure

The roads and other infrastructure would be developed with a high degree of professionalism to ensure the perfect development of roads. The main boulevard would be very wide and large with a beautiful look.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Very close to famous places i.e. Centaurus Mall

Efficient Security System

Peaceful Environment


Huge rates perception

Limited Parking Space

Why invest in Elysium Tower?

Some real estate experts suggest this project is ideal for long term and short term investment. The ideal location of this project near to Centaurus mall, makes the best investment prospect. This project is designed with a complete structure, and the shops are now available for auction. After the completion of this project, the prices would increase. Moreover, it is one of the most elite upcoming commercial projects in Islamabad. The main focus of the developers of this project is to provide a luxurious lifestyle to the visitors. The important part about this project is that it would be both: residential and commercial.


Elysium Tower Islamabad is a commercial project, whose aim is to provide a world-class luxurious lifestyle that has never been witnessed in Islamabad before. The ideal location and reasonable payment plan are the important factors of this project. This project would be one of the commercial points of the capital city. So, Estate Land Marketing suggest that now is a good opportunity to invest in this project. For more details about the benefits of this project, you should visit our office.


Q1: What is Elysium Tower?

Ans. Elysium Tower is an upcoming commercial project in Islamabad parallel to Centaurus Mall.

Q2: How is it different from other housing projects?

This project is developed to offer residents a unique environment-friendly experience at cheap prices. A team of engineers, architects, and other staff with years of experience have put their full efforts into its development.

Q3: Is it an approved and legal housing project?

Ans. Yes, the Capital development authority has approved the NOC of this project.

Q4: Is it an affordable commercial Project?

Ans. Yes, the management has provided easy installments plans and a down payment, so that the investors get the luxurious facility without any problem.

Q5: Does this project guarantee a high return on investment?

Ans. Yes, as the payment plan is affordable, so small investors would easily get their investment return investing in huge number.

Q6: Where is it located?

Ans. This project is locatable between Ibn e Sina Road and Jinnah Avenue, right near to the PIMS Hospital and parallel to Centaurus Mall.

Q7: Who are the owners of this project?

Ans. Oasis Developers, a prominent real estate company owns this project.

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