Metro bus service to Islamabad airport set to start next month

Metro bus service to Islamabad airport set to start next month

Metro bus service to Islamabad airport set to start next month. At the end of this month, buses will arrive from China that will start bringing metro buses from Peshawar Mor to the Islamabad International Airport. This means that the much-anticipated service is likely to start in April.

Sources told us that the buses had been made and were being checked by a third party in China before they were sent to the United States. That’s what they said. They said the ship will start its journey to Karachi on March 15.

Booking a spot on a ship has already been done. It will start its journey from China to Karachi on March 15, an official source says. The ship is carrying buses for the Peshawar Mor to the Airport route.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had planned to start the service on March 23, but the manufacturing company didn’t have enough buses ready in time. The service won’t start until next month.

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An official in China says that right now, buses are going through a pre-shipment inspection.

Before long, the CDA had chosen the Higer Bus Company to buy 30 buses for them.

During March of last year, the CDA took over the metro bus project from the National Highway Authority (NHA). The federal government told the CDA to start a process to buy the buses, so they did.

As of 2020-21, the government has set aside Rs300 million for the project.

It turns out that Higer, a company in China, was the lowest bidder with a bid of Rs728 million for 30 buses.

People from the CDA said that the bids were opened in front of all three qualified bidders and the members of the Financial Evaluation Committee who were there.

They said that Foton and Auto Park had bid Rs33 million for one bus, while Master Motors Corporation had bid Rs29.8 million for each bus. A different company bid $24.2 million for each bus.

The sources say that as planned, 24 buses would go from Peshawar Mor to the N5 bus station near G.T. Road, and six more would go from N5 to the airport all the time.

However, they said that under a new plan, some of the buses will be going on the Islamabad Expressway to help commuters.

Command and control, ticketing, station management, cleanliness, and security systems are now being built for the metro track. The corridors and stations have already been built, but now they are being finished.

In March of last year, the NHA handed over the project to the CDA after it had been built.

In January 2017, the NHA started work on a 25.6-mile-long track from Peshawar Mor to IIA that cost Rs16 billion, or about $16 million. When the project was supposed to be done in August of 2018, it was done with its civil work last year.

There is no public bus service to the airport, which is 32 km away from Zero Point, right now.

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