Is real estate a good investment in 2021

Is real estate a good investment in 2021

Is real estate a good investment in 2021

Whenever you type in words “is real estate a good investment” into Google, you’ll get around 800 million returns. This means that individuals worldwide are curious about whether or not investing in real estate in 2021 is a wise decision. With the Coronavirus pandemic causing so much uncertainty, property investors are wary of entering the home market. Many people’s experiences of the 2008 property market crisis are still fresh. This article will explain whether you should invest in a rental property to do so in 2021. We’ll look at the benefits of property investment for newcomers to explain, “Is real estate a good investment in 2021?”

Why is real estate a good investment in 2021?

Following are a few reasons why real estate is a good investment in 2021:

Low-interest rates

There has not been a better moment to become such a real estate investor when it pertains to mortgage interest rates. The Federal Reserve reduced interest rates to virtually zero in order to combat the pandemic-induced downturn. Many Individuals are now able to own investment property in Pakistan as a result of this.

Foreclosures on the horizon

The federal government of Pakistan declared a foreclosure embargo and an evictions ban in 2020. These safeguards are in place to protect tenants or homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19. Even though Imran Khan’s administration prolonged the moratorium until June 30, 2021, the forbearance will come to an end at some point. Many homes will be foreclosed as a result of non-payment of mortgages if this happens. As a result, investors looking for low-cost real estate will have a tremendous chance.

Home prices are increasing

The average house price in the United States is $272,446, as per Zillow. Amid the continuing pandemic, property prices are expected to rise by 11.4 per cent in the coming year. As a result, purchasing rental property today ensures long-term real estate development.

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Housing scarcity

As per a new report, the US real estate market in 2021 will face a severe scarcity. To address the shortage, we predict that 2.5 million additional affordable homes will be required. When demand for real estate exceeds supply, prices and rentals rise. You can get an excellent return on investment by investing in a rental property.

Advantages in terms of taxes

Landlords can deduct expenses like insurance, property taxes, HOA fees, interest, as well as home owner’s insurance off their taxes. This allows them to increase the rental property’s return on equity.

Increasing your net worth

You are accumulating equity in your home while you pay off the loan. You can take out a home loan to buy an extra revenue property if you have enough equity. This is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

What Are the Market Conditions Right Now?

It’s a buyer’s market right now. Housing is witnessing a seller’s market in most, though not all, of the United States, which began in late 2019, flared up by the time Covid-19 struck the country and is expected to continue into 2021. More buyers want to make a transaction and benefit from cheap mortgage interest rates in this seller’s market versus sellers placing their houses on the market.

Since the beginning of the year, the disparity between available properties and prospective purchasers has become more comprehensive. New listings frequently fall under agreement within just a few days and for more than the asking price; sellers should expect to get 14-17 competitive buy offers by three days. The sellers are inundated with showings. They’ve resorted to posting with a short schedule for offers. Then they simply have to go over all of the options and choose the one.

Cash purchasers and those with a significant down payment and traditional finance approval benefit from these market conditions as they have the choice of paying beyond the listing price. Unfortunately, purchasers who can only afford a 5% purchase price are unable to purchase a home. Price increases do not appear to be coming to an end anytime soon. This upward trend is predicted to continue through 2021 as more purchasers enter the market.

Sellers’ Market

Yearly home sales have been at an all-time high since 2006. Lesser homeowners would like to list their houses for various reasons, ranging from Covid-19 reservations about viewings and job uncertainties to economic instability or a desire to stay better than the common tendency of relocating every seven years to a new home. Meanwhile, low mortgage rates have attracted more purchasers looking to purchase their first house or upgrade to a bigger apartment at the very same rate they are paying now.

Should You Be Wary When Purchasing Property?

Be cautious when investing in real estate. We think it is well-judged for investors to use extreme caution at this time. At the moment, acquiring an undervalued home to repair and resell or buy – and – hold for rent is quite challenging. However, as an investor, if the math works, they work. There’s no rationale not to proceed if the place and location satisfy the criteria of your investment strategy. There is only one path for interest rates to rise: up.

If you plan to buy long-term rentals, purchasing now and securing a relatively low-interest rate for the next 30 years could be a sensible move. However, you must buy wisely to ensure that you can maintain the house. In addition, you must rent to a dependable tenant to pay the debt, taxes, plus insurance every month.

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Final Thoughts

We’re in the midst of a perfect situation driving up property prices, causing a supply scarcity and a rise in demand. If you don’t need to buy a property to live in, now is an excellent time to sell. It’s a difficult time to discover deals as an investor buyer. Before proceeding with an acquisition, it’s critical to be prudent and double-check your statistics. It could be a perfect moment to remain on the sidelines and build up your financial reserves before purchasing 12-two years from now. We expect a spike in foreclosures as forbearance programmes expire and the economy begins to suffer the full impact of the pandemic lockdowns, which have decimated many small firms.

We at Estateland Marketing are happy to assist you in case of queries. To read details about new and exciting projects to invest in Islamabad like Nova City and Capital Smart City, feel free to visit our blogs page.

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