Park View City F Block Map details 2023

Park View City F Block Map details 2023

Park View City is one of the magnificent upcoming housing project in Islamabad that has caught the attention of real estate investors. Park view city F block map is something that investors of this housing project are looking into. Many of its stakeholder are looking to make an asset for themselves in longer terms. One of the positive part about this block is its location and other attractive features. The best part about this housing project is that it would be a definitive case of infrastructural beauty.

After park view overseas block, F block of this housing project would getting more investments due to exotic location and best housing facilities.

Park View City F Block Map

The F Block of Park View City is one of the best upcoming investment opportunity of this housing project. The developers of this housing project have employed all kind of international standards and facilities. If one views Park View City F block Map clearly, one can imagine that this block would increase living standards of the investors. Majority of the views of this project would be scenic one, and would the investors would really enjoy them. The houses in this block would be available at lesser prices, as it is in its pre construction stage. One can easily pay installments for this block and would get huge return inn future. This block is amongst the important residential block of Park View City Blocks, which guarantees huge returns on investment.


The location of this block is among best factor of the housing project, as it would highly accessible through different points. The accessibility of this block would possible, if one enter through Kurri Road, Malot road, and the Chak Shazad. Many of the investors are capitalizing on this block, only because of its location. The location map of this project also has a section of Park view city F block map that describes some location factors of this project in detail. This block is only few meters away from some other famous block like Park View City H Block. Some of the biggest landmarks near F Block are Bani Gala, Quaid E Azam University, and Barakahu.

Access points

The park view city F block map within location map shows some of the easiest access points towards this block. The investors can utilize such points, so that they would not waste their time in searching. Some of the main location point of this housing project are below.

  • Access through Malot Road
  • Half an hour drive from zero point
  • 45 minutes away from the Kahuta Road
  • 15 minutes away from Main Murre Road
  • 40 minutes away from main Islamabad International Airport

How does it benefits investors

There are numerous benefit of investing in this block, as it is one of the important sits. Many of the investors would get positive return on investment, which would be source of their livelihood. The investors must check out Park View City  that is in a prime location. Most significantly, the investors would be able to get best income that might be luxurious and comfortable. Investors must look deeply into Park view city F block map to learn more about the location aspects of this block. Park View City Office has begun witnessing more registration for the plots in this block. This clearly proves that developers of this housing project have been successful in providing mesmerizing experience.


The F block of Park View City would be one of the most mesmerizing and reachable block in this project. Park View City F Block map is one of the striking features of the location map. It would tell more and more details about this block, and investors would not regret on its investment.  The entire block is would an integration of beauty and luxurious living facilities that would have some technological features. Developers of this project are about to get some best exciting housing features with the affordable payment plan. If you want to get more information regarding booking of plots in this block, please visit website of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy entity deals with many of the housing project in Pakistan, since we have professional real estate advisors.

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