What is Park View Overseas Block ? Guide

What is Park View Overseas Block ? Guide

Park View City is amongst the stunning upcoming housing project that is about to change the real estate sector of Islamabad. Are Vision Group, who have made a huge name for themselves in real estate sector. The best part about this housing project is that it is going to be a mixture of natural beauty and luxurious lifestyle. This housing project would very reasonable for the real estate investors. A lot of overseas real estate investors have begun booking plots in Park View Overseas block. Once can clearly view Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block map to have clear understanding of what this block would be. This block would have the elite and lavish facilities for investors.

Owners and Developers

The developer who has envisioned such a world class project  is Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, who also owns Vision Group. He is not only a famous developer but also worked as a Member of Punjab Assembly. His company has been delivering some outstanding project in different fields, and now aims to establish his name in real estate business. The ones working behind Park View City Overseas block are professional architects, who want to make this project a huge marvel. Park View City Developers are working day and night for this block, as they are developing this to cater to overseas investors. The developers have been successful in organizing function in different countries to promote this housing project.

Park View Overseas Block


If one looks at the location map of Park View City, one would learn the Park View Overseas block is going to be the most lavish sector. The developers of this project are providing all kind of attention to this housing project, so that it gets overseas investment. This block would be reachable through Malot Road, while passing through different blocks. There would be all kinds of commercial and residential blocks on the way like Block H, and Block A. There would also be some other famous tourist location of Islamabad near to it like Serena Hotel, and Bahria Enclave.

Overall, this block stretches over more than 7000 Kanal of land are with over numerous residential and commercial sectors. This housing block is going to be one of the classic instances of architectural marvel. One can easily reach here through Kurri Road, and with 200 feet wide road. There would be numerous gated around this housing project, one from Rawal Chowk, and other one from Barakahu. The exotic beauty of this housing project would be visible to anyone, as it would also reduce distance towards botanical gardens. The location of this block would so mesmerizing that one would feel as if it is tourist spot.

Development Status

The development of Park View Overseas Block is taking place at rapid pace. It is obvious from the project map that the roads of this block are smooth. The developers are making sure that residents of this block do not feel insecure regarding any basic necessities. There would be huge sewerage pipelines and wiring for electricity inside the roads. The architects and designers of this projects are utilizing heavy machinery, so that there would be best infrastructure. Now, there is huge demand for buying houses, as Park View City Investment has  witnessed huge surge. Majority of the investors have already expressed their gratification for this housing project. This housing project is going to be an epitome of beauty and lavish infrastructure.


If one looks at the infrastructure of this housing project, one can see that its going to bewildering. After the execution of its construction, this housing project would begin getting huge number of residents and investors. Park View Overseas block would definitely be one of the most fascinating block that comprises of world class malls. The entire project is going to be an epitome of beauty and luxurious facilities, and it would have some technological advancements. Already, the developers of this housing project are registering new clients and investors on monthly basis. If you want to reserve plots for this block, then you must talk to representatives of Estate land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy firm is one of the huge entity in Islamabad with experienced professionals.

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