Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Location

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Location

Park View City is amongst elegant housing project in Islamabad, which is a brainchild of Vision Group. This would be a stunning housing project, and it got the approval by the government authorities. It would be a classic example of natural beauty and luxurious living lifestyle. If one clearly views the park view city Islamabad overseas block map, one would understand that there would be a separate block for overseas investors. That block is going to have a stunning view of mountains and hills around it. A lot of real estate investors are now  exploring the best investment potential of this housing project. Park View City Payment Plan for year 2023 is something that the real estate investors must look into. They would learn about some of the best housing projects and their affordable rates.

Owners and Developers

The owner and developers behind this housing project are Vision Group, a business entity of Mr Aleem Khan. He is not only a prominent businessman in Islamabad but also a former politician, who was once member of Punjab assembly. This entity is famous for catering to the interests of their investors by delivering some best real estate projects. They have completely utilized some of the world class technological features to make their projects successful. They have recruited some professional designers, who designed park view city Islamabad overseas block map for overseas investors. Due to efforts and successful negotiation between owners and government authorities, now we have Park View City CDA approved. The developers of this housing project have a mission to completely transform the real estate landscape of Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map

Location and Map

The location of this housing project seems perfect, if one views Park View City Islamabad overseas block map. It has a prime location and it would be very easy for visitors to visit this housing project. It is locatable on the sides of Malot Road with some of the very biggest housing blocks like Park View City J Block. There are also some other huge block near its vicinity like Block A, Block H, and Block H. Some of the other famous tourist landmarks of Islamabad are also near to this block i.e. Bani Gala, or Barakahu.


As per the location map, this housing project would stretch across more than 7000 Kanal of land area. The entire areas comprises of some several residential and commercial blocks that would display some best infrastructural features. The entire housing project is reachable with different entry points. Since it is at Malot Road, one can easily reach here through Kurri Road. One of the main and important entrance towards this housing project is through main gate that is near to Rawal Chowk. Over all the entire housing project would be locatable near Botanical Gardens and Islamabad Zoo. One should definitely invest in this Park View City as it is would be amongst the best residing area in the city.

Development Status

The development of this block is taking place at fast pace, as professional architects and designers are working for. Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map indicates that there would be smooth roads to ensure proper traffic. The developers have already deployed heavy machinery for its efficient development, and they have also installed water pipelines. This block would be only for overseas investors, and they would get to experience some world class housing facilities. This block would somehow identical to another block known as Park View City Golf Estate, another famous housing block of this project.


Overall the entire housing project would be fascinating in terms of location and housing project. Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Map showcases tranquility and best development features of this housing project along with its beauty. The developers are working efficiently to make sure that their investors get some of the wonderful living facilities. Each and every project within this housing project is worthy of investment, as it is an personification of world class infrastructure. The development of this housing project involves some of the best technological aspects. For further news about the blocks of this housing project, please visit the official online site of Estate Land Marketing. Our housing consultancy firm has professionals, who would provide every type of guidance regarding real estate investment in Pakistan.


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