The CPEC Thahkot-Havelian has been named ENR's best project

The CPEC Thahkot-Havelian has been named ENR’s best project

The CPEC Thahkot-Havelian has been named ENR’s best project. The Engineering News-Record, an American weekly magazine, has named the Karakoram Highway Phase-II (Thahkot-Havelian) the winner of the Global Best Projects Juried Competition. The project is a mandatory component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

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“Following numerous hours of study and debate, a panel of industry veterans has determined the winners of ENR’s 9th annual Global Best Projects competition,” according to an ENR statement.

It continued, “Like ENR’s famous regional and national contests in the United States, Global Best Projects finds and celebrates their teams responsible for the year’s most exceptional design and construction accomplishments.” ENR has chosen the CPEC Thahkot-Havelian as the year’s finest project.

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The ENR is widely considered one of the most respected magazines in the building business. Meanwhile, China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, congratulated him on earning the honor in a tweet.

“The Engineering News-Record (ENR) has revealed the winners of the Global Best Projects Juried Competition. My heartfelt congrats to the KKH Phase-II (Havelian-Thakot), a significant transportation infrastructure project inside #CPEC, for obtaining the best annual award.

“Bridge/Tunnel Award!” he exclaimed, adding, “CPEC has the world’s best bridges and tunnels.” Efforts were rewarded with honor”. ENR has awarded the CPEC Thahkot-Havelian the best project of the year.

The project’s primary structure consists of 60 large bridges, 45 intermediate and small bridges, 11 flyovers, 464 culverts, 40 underpasses, six tunnels (2 on the Expressway section and four on the Class-II Highway section), three interchanges, two service areas, three tunnel management stations, and six tool stations.

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