The RCCI desires industrial zones alongside the Ring Road

The RCCI desires industrial zones alongside the Ring Road

The RCCI desires industrial zones alongside the ring road. The business community had urged the district administration to establish industrial and economic zones along the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, which would relocate wholesale markets and bus terminals.

The demand was made during a meeting with Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali, who was in Rawalpindi on Thursday to visit the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).

Nadeem Rauf, president of the RCCI, briefed the deputy commissioner on the chamber’s current activities. He suggested that industrial and economic zones be established around the ring road. “Without this, the ring road will be ineffective and will remain a road.”

He stated that traffic congestion in the city could be reduced by relocating wholesale markets and bus/truck terminals along the ring road. He noted that it was critical to relocate bus terminals outside of urban areas.

Additionally, the meeting discussed the construction of a link road connecting Rawat Industrial Estate and the city, removing encroachments and traffic congestion, constructing new parking plazas, and widening Kutcheri Chowk.

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He also expressed his concern to the deputy commissioner about the city’s rising crime rate.

The DC stated that the purpose of his visit to the chamber was to solicit input and suggestions from members of the business community regarding issues they were facing.

He offered the chamber the appointment of a representative to monitor the ring road project’s progress and a member of the chamber’s price control committee.

He stated that a physical survey of the Leh Expressway was currently underway and that traders were encouraged to submit suggestions.

Sohail Altaf, the group’s leader, stated that Rawalpindi should be transformed into a model city. Rawalpindi is strategically located. Kashmir, KP, Punjab, and Gilgit-Baltistan play a critical role in the economic corridor’s connectivity.

Local industry, he stated, will flourish with the establishment of industrial zones along the ring road. Rawalpindi should also have an expo center, he added.

Additionally, representatives of Anjuman-i-Tajiran expressed their concerns about urban encroachment, parking and traffic issues caused by heavy vehicles.

The RCCI desires industrial zones alongside the ring road.

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