What are Dubai real estate broker commission rates?

What are Dubai real estate broker commission rates?

The importance of Dubai Real Estate broker commission is huge and is next to real pertinence. Moreover, it shall also be considered that Dubai Real Estate is one of the largest markets around the globe. Therefore, the debate around each department in terms of working is also massive. Now, the question of how agents work, their role in making an investment profitable, Dubai real estate broker commissions, and much more, are answered in this blog.

Dubai Real Estate Industry

Dubai Real Estate industry is proving to be the sober, smart, and seamless choice of real estate investment. Moreover, it is also so because everything and every department included in the market is completely authentic and legit. In addition, talking about the commission rates, one shall remember that it is promising. The probability of earning high commission rates is also one of the biggest reasons why many Dubai Real Estate agents get attracted.

Well, before delving into all the needed information regarding Dubai Real Estate broker commission, let’s understand the meaning.

What do Commission Rates Mean?

The term commission refers to a certain percentage or ratio of payment that one receives by cracking a deal or sale. Therefore, Dubai Real estate agents and brokers who complete a deal get a certain commission/amount. Now, that percentage of the amount depends on the kind of property that is been done or the scale of it. The closed sales define the commission. Let’s take an example – a sales representative who cracks an ideal deal (a good amount) will get a higher percentage of the whole amount.

Dubai real estate broker commission Rates

Now, let’s shed some light on how Dubai real estate broker commission vary and is processed. First and foremost, it must be clear that RERA which refers to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, handles it. So, there’s a fixed amount that RERA has mentioned or fixed as Dubai real estate broker commission. But the rough idea of how much can a certain amount be amounted to commission. Both for the seller and buyer’s agent.

Some of the numbers related to Dubai Real Estate broker commission are;

  • If a broker gets a deal to rent a property or house, the total commission will be 5% or somewhere around that.
  • Moreover, the buyers who are making a purchase of a property will give at least 2% to brokers.
  • For mere and simple renting services, there’s around AED 5000.
  • For buying, however, the limit fixed by RERA varies. It depends on the kind of deal one makes and how big the purchase is. The more massive the sale, the bigger the commission.


Talking about the sheer importance of Dubai Real Estate broker commission, it is important to realize the urgency. If you are getting into the business of real estate as a broker, the only way to get richer, more stable, and financially secure is via commissions. Therefore, the way is to crack deals and seal the sales. Moreover, as the sales representative, there is a coliseum of ways to do so. Finding interesting segues, staying authentic, and understanding the intricacies of pitching are important.

In addition, for the Dubai real estate broker commission, do remember that it is a big industry. Therefore, the commission for the sales representatives is going to be massive. However, do verify the brokers before making a deal or you can always authenticate from the Dubai Real Estate app.


While on the topic of sales representatives and Dubai Real Estate brokers – possessing an exceptional skill set is pertinent and knowledge of real estate markets. Furthermore, an individual who has better communication skills, can pitch better and guide the potential investors more legitimately and owns more chances. More sales mean more commission. It is as simple as that.


The business of real estate is difficult to step into. And more importantly, to strive. Furthermore, Dubai real estate broker commission is massive if one masters the art of it. It is, however, advisable that one connect with an authentic real estate company. Moreover, it assures and legitimizes the process making it more seamless and easy-going. Having said that, do also do up your prior research to avoid any uncertain and unprecedented situation. Well, Estate Land Marketing, one of the biggest names in the industry, is always here to guide you and assist you.

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