What are the general block rates in Blue World City?

What are the general block rates in Blue World City?

The whole range of easy Blue World City general block rates truly caters to all social classes of Pakistan, both locally and overseas. Moreover, investment in the real estate industry needs a few aspects that require apt and timely fulfillment to be long-lasting and secure. Blue World City Islamabad serves them with keen detailing and focus. Moreover, all these and many other aspects of Blue World City make society one of the finest choices for investment. In addition, the same gamut of diversity and range is seen in all its blocks and sectors.

Moreover, the general block is truly living up to the exceedingly high expectations of the investors. Therefore, the block is gaining massive attention and creating deserving hype. Whether it is its location, highly impeccable master plan, high-end framework, superb amenities, or just its economical Blue World City general block rates, the investors are in for a great treat. Moreover, there’s no compromise on the magnificence of what the developers of the block always manage to deliver with great perfection.

General Block

The Blue World City general block holds immense importance, and it is all because the sheer excellence in excellence in infrastructure is pure magic. Furthermore, the housing venture is under the guidance of Blue Group of Companies (BGC), one of the biggest names in the real estate industry of Pakistan. They have been serving in multiple niches and industries, both manual and online. All of them give the experience of pure magnificence. Therefore, the 20-year-long journey in the market does translate into entirely and most flawless work.

Blue World General Block, along with other property types in the society, provides substantial financial relief regarding the payment plan. Isn’t that one of the investment aspects that makes a huge difference? The prospect of the booking process needs good infrastructure and a comfortable lifestyle that is laced with all the amenities but needs to be affordable too. In addition, these amenities also include instant Blue World City general block balloting results, along with others. So that potential investors from all backgrounds can afford to be a part of it and dream of a home of their own.

Blue World City general block rates

Not only does society offer huge discounts on the payment plan, but even the monthly installment plan is straightforward and affordable. The aspect of Blue World City-approved NOC status also adds a lot of importance and attention. Therefore, investors will not constantly worry about paying a hefty amount. Anyhow, Blue World City General block rates are here;

Residential Block

  • The total amount for 5 Marla is just 1,490,000, and 14,900 is the installment plan.
  • 8 Marla costs 1,050,000, while the monthly installment is only 19,150.
  • The cost for 10 Marla is only 2,290,000. The monthly installment, however, is just 22,900.
  • Talking about 1 Kanal, the cost is 4,290,000, along with 42,900 as the monthly installment.
  • Lastly, the 2 Kanal costs 8,300,000, along with 83,000 as the monthly installment.

Commercial Block

Here are the commercial block rates for the investors;

  • The cost for 5 Marla is 7,500,000, along with 720,000 for the down payment; moreover, investors opting for the installment option will have to pay 72,000 monthly.

Importance of Flexible rates

A good and long-lasting investment brings immense benefits and facets to the masses. However, talking specifically about the great numbers of commercial and residential amenities that the BWC brings in including economical Blue World City general block rates. Some are here;

  • Investors of all social classes can afford to dream of a house in society.
  • The trust and assurance in the developers increase as the investors expect the same from their other projects. Thus, the business flow in the real estate industry will likely continue at an even-paced speed.
  • In addition, a diversified population from all social and economic backgrounds will invest in a living space where everyone lives with the same international luxury and comfort. People at large get exposure to a lifestyle that is of great ease.
  • Moreover, an affordable payment plan secures the future at affordable rates, offers quick housing, and even leaves investors to save up a lot.


Blue World City Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s most prominent housing societies. Therefore, there are multiple reasons why a coliseum of investors is putting their hard-earned money into the project. Apart from securing the future, society is undoubtedly giving a much facilitated and modern ‘today’, which is every investor’s need. The same goes for all the Blue World City Islamabad blocks, including the General block. In addition, thorough and keen research is always advisable by the very reliable Estate Land Marketing. One of the most trusted names in the real estate market to guide, assist, and enlighten you.

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