What is Blue World City Horse Mascot

What is Blue World City Horse Mascot?

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the significant under-construction real estate projects in Islamabad. It is estimated to be one of the most affordable projects with world-class features. Some of the real estate business experts assume that the entire project has the capability to completely change the landscape of the city. The owners of this project have made it very easy for their investors to reserve their plots online. Some of the main plot reservation facilities are Blue World city QR code registration and APR form. The latest development update about Blue World City’s horse mascot has attracted much of the attention of its real estate investors.

Owners and Developers

The developers of this housing project are Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, a Chinese engineering firm, and Blue Group of Companies. The owner of Blue Group of companies is Chaudhry Saad Nazir, who has made a huge name in the real estate business. Both these construction entities are famous for providing advanced construction solutions to their clients. They have hired talented designers and architects to ensure world infrastructural facilites of this housing  project.

Location and Map

The investors of any real estate project check out the location of their project to ensure accessibility and beauty.  They want to make sure that they are making a worthy investment in a better destination. So, the latest update suggests that this project would be located at the main M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway at main Chakri Road. The residents of this place would be able to reach Islamabad International Airport within a few minutes. Also, it close to an under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road that reduces the distance among some important points.

Blue World City Horse Mascot

Mascots are the kind of horse sculpture that is mainly found in Scotland. The developers of Blue World City Islamabad have planned to construct a 30 meter hige Blue World City Horse Mascot. That mascot would be one of the main tourist spots of this housing project. Generally, it would be Kelpies, which is also famous for its shape-shifting mythology. Overall, the mascots are the symbol of some majestic architectural and cultural marvels.

The best part about these mascots is that they would have lights all around to display illumination at night. Such efficient architecture would be even visible from the outside spaces of this housing project. The residents of this housing project would be happy because of such world-class development. The designers who are working on this sculpture are famous for their creativity and talent. The lights around this sculpture would be the main reason for its attraction, as they would shine during the night.


Blue World City comprises of advanced and unique kind of infrastructure that nobody has ever had. The developer of this project is making it really easy for their investors to book their plots quickly. The construction of the Blue World City Horse Mascot would be a remarkable addition to attract more tourists. As this housing project is not complete, the plots are available at affordable rates. The developers want to make this housing project as a center of attraction in twin cities.

Such infrastructural solution would ensure that more of the investors get attracted to this housing project. For reservation of plots, please talk to marketing agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our marketing team is professional in the real estate business, and they would assist the investors on their visit.

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