What is the Role of Dubai real estate corporation?

What is the Role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation?

The role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation is massive and equally important as all other departments. Moreover, the industry as a whole is gigantic, therefore, all branches need to be exquisite and close to perfection. Furthermore, it includes everything. From legitimacy, authenticity, perseverance, and dedication to much more. All things have to be at par. They also negotiate everything related to Dubai Real Estate Prices and more.

In addition, the amalgamation and hard-earned repute have managed to put UAE on the global map even more than before. The role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation is equally important in putting the continuous work in a vicious mode. DREC enjoys and upholds the role of maintaining and taking care of a giant land share in the city of UAE. The following blog will walk the viewers through how big, important, and pertinent a role Dubai real estate corporation play.

UAE Real Estate Industry

The UAE real estate market is massive and ranked among the top real estate markets. That’s precisely why the city has managed to become one of the largest and most immaculate destinations for investment. Whether it is about the impeccable infrastructure or one of the finest and financially feasible locations, Dubai is the answer for you. However, from being a dire deserted place to transforming into the best, most modern, and advanced venue, the journey has been long.

Progress rate

The progress rate of Dubai Real Estate has been expeditious. In just a few years, the leap of progress is remarkable and aspiring at the same time. Whether it is the local or even foreign population, Dubai Real Estate is a fine investment destination.

Talking about the progress rate, the figures are magnificent. The last report which rolled out in 2021, stated that Dubai Real Estate has generated around $41.1 Billion, it is huge and is only likely to increase with time. For the following year, 2023, industry experts have claimed that around 46% of progress will be seen by the end of the year.

Dubai real estate corporation

Talking about the prominent, immaculate, and most splendid corporations and departments, Dubai Real Estate Corporation does pop up on top. Founded by the Honourable Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum back in 2007. Under the known Law Number 14.

Moreover, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is an honourable, acknowledged and widely celebrated personality. He is the current prime minister, vice president, and the defence minister. Therefore, there are absolutely no questions of scams, functionality, or working of Dubai Real Estate Corporation. A sheer sense of authenticity and legitimacy pours out because they have done impeccable work for the masses over the years.

Role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation

Talking about the incredible role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation – it is important to note that it is incredibly pertinent in the overall scheme of Things. Moreover, DREC was founded to take care of all the real estate departments from scratch. From designing properties on pages, gauging all the related phenomena, executing and building them eventually, and reaching out to the masses. To put it in a nutshell, Dubai Real Estate Corporation makes sure the availability of finest, impeccable, and splendid living styles are available to people. 

Properties maintenance

While being on the topic of the role that DREC plays overall in the larger picture of the UAE real estate industry. Also, it takes care of the property and everything related to its maintenance and preservation. Also, when a property is built up to the international and global level, the same treatment is also required to maintain it. Therefore, DREC does to the optimal level.

Magnificent Partnership

DREC also makes sure that there is a healthy relationship between public and private sector companies in real estate. It will flourish the market and also create a robust and strong relationship between two important sectors of the industry.

Economy Boost

Dubai Real Estate Corporation adds highly to the overall economy of the UAE by expanding massively outside of just the government sector. Therefore, all Dubai Real Estate businesses flourish too. In addition, it does two important things among others;

  •             Boosts the economy hugely
  •             Creates an amicable relationship between different sectors of the industry.

Plots Ownership

Around 5,500 plots are under the great leadership of Dubai Real Estate Corporation. The particular land is in the usage of multiple uses. Whether it is the retail sector, commercial, residential, rental, or more, DREC has covered you well in every aspect of it. 


Dubai Real Estate Industry is thriving hugely. Moreover, the future is everything pleasant and bright. That’s precisely why people are taking a keen interest and hoping for a much more lucrative and brighter tomorrow ahead. In addition, it goes unmentioned that having some prior knowledge and doing the needed firsthand is important. For further information, kindly reach out to Estate Land Marketing.

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