List of global real estate consultants 2023

List of global real estate consultants 2023

The global real estate consultants list is everything diversified, varied, and distinctive in its own special way. Putting the cultural differences, social norms, and economic ups & downs aside, the importance of real estate stays the same. Therefore, the mannerisms, ethical values, or even rules and regulations could vary as per the region, but the pertinence remains the same. People also wonder about the real estate consultant salary and what he brings to the table.

Anyhow, talking about the global real estate consultants 2023, it shall be mentioned that the following names have earned a reputable designation by working exceedingly hard. We, however, walk you through some of the biggest and most recognized global real estate consultants, to help you choose the best. Also, it is always important to have a sheer idea of who could be a better choice before investing. Anyhow, to know further, keep reading.

Real Estate Consultancy Firms

In a market as tricky as real estate, it is pertinent to keep a check on all departments. Moreover, there is also a dire need for a whole lot of people who are exceptionally skilled and talented to keep the industry afloat. Many sectors which include advertising, building, construction, planning, booking, consulting, and whatnot, it takes a village to flourish the industry.

That’s exactly where the importance of consultancy jumps in. It is so because, without any consultants, the investors would not know where to put in the effort and their hard-earned money. Furthermore, the ratio of failure, fraud, scams, and uncertain situations is comparatively higher. So, real estate consultancy firms help in every way possible.


Talking about the specialty of real estate consultancy firms, it is apt to say that investors are fully covered in terms of background research low-budgeted properties, and secure assistance. Basically, looking out for the masses that they cannot watch out for otherwise.

Global Real Estate Consultants List

Here is a list of the top, globally acknowledged, and most impeccable global real estate consultants in 2023. Not to forget that they have earned the name with great determination and hustle. Therefore, all the trust and assurance shown by the investors give away great proof of a secure tomorrow. Each also has a specific real estate consultant website to guide you. Anyhow, take a look at all the global real estate consultants in 2023. is one of the biggest, most global, and highly recognizable real estate firms. Moreover, founded back in 2006, the firm has replenished a great deal of trust and assurance because of the way they have delivered. It is always a need of the hour as to how can one innovate the very idea within the industry. Pushing the envelope just the way nobody else has done it. Well, brought and continues to do so – an approach that flourishes the industry even further.

Connecting buyers and sellers online at a time when nobody else did was more of a novel/successful thing. Apart from that, Zameen also covers all sorts of other departments which include rental projects, selling, buying, wanted properties, and much more.


Binayah Real Estate Dubai

Another giant and most recognizable global real estate consultants list includes Binayah Dubai among the best. It is so because ever since its creation in 2007, the company is only moving forward. Whether it is the departments, management, or work ethics, Binayah is way ahead of its time. Furthermore, the masses and customers can get any kind of service because the company offers a coliseum of them all.

CBRE Group

The oldest, the trustable, and ever-thriving CBRE Group is a name that stands for authenticity only. Moreover, it came into being in 1906, hinting at being one of the oldest firms. Therefore, the experience in all their services speaks aloud. Moreover, as counted among the top global real estate consultants, CBRE Group has a whole lot of services and skills to offer. Whether it is impeccable management, branding, networking, advertising, sales, investment, leasing, renting, or anything else – CBRE is always there.


Let’s talk ERA which is also one of the top and highly recognized global real estate consultants in 2023. When ERA was initiated, the company name stood for Electronic Reality Associates. It is also one of the oldest names in real estate because just like CBRE Group, it too has immense experience. Founded back in 1971, ERA has enjoyed the span of popularity for more than 50 years.

Therefore, the ratio of investors’ trust, confidence, and assurance is impeccable.


The real estate niche is huge, thus, tricky in every sense of the word.  In addition, that could precisely be the only reason why people in all its departments and sectors need to be on their toes. Work the most and carry the industry forward with as much authenticity as possible. Anyhow, the above-mentioned global real estate consultants are impeccable and add everything novel to the territory. For any further doubt or ambiguity, Estate Land Marketing is always available.


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