Top 4 Pakistan Real Estate Podcasts to Follow on Spotify

Top 4 Pakistan Real Estate Podcasts to Follow on Spotify

The list of Pakistan real estate podcasts Spotify centered is very helpful and promising. In addition to that, the medium of podcasts for communication is one of the strongest mediums. Furthermore, it is also getting bigger and bigger modes of communication. When it comes to having a solid social media presence, trying all kinds of mediums/modes is pertinent. It helps you reach out to your targeted audience.

Moreover, we will talk about the importance of real estate podcasts, their impact, and the centered topic of the top 6 Pakistan Real Estate podcast Spotify lists. Something that has been making great noise all around the market and even among the masses too. So, keep reading to know all about it.

Communication mediums and podcasts

Well, as mentioned earlier, podcasts are a giant, promising, and enlarged medium to reach out to audiences. Well, before going ahead, let’s talk about the setups and how different they are. In a podcast, a set of people who bear the needed expertise on a certain topic will talk and discourse. It could be a generalized discussion or even centered around a specific topic within the industry.

Not to forget that podcasts are generally audio but they could be video graphed too to reach out to more people.


The podcast’s medium is exceptionally strong and solid. Whether it be talking about other types of podcast content including real estate education podcasts, industrial, or any other – you will be informed thoroughly. In addition, the pertinence of the medium could simply be determined by seeing the immense reach and hype that one has among the masses.

Pakistan Real Estate Podcast Spotify list

Now, that we have talked about the pertinence and importance of podcasts as one of the biggest mediums. So, let’s now talk about the top Pakistan real estate podcast app list and its functionality.

Makkaan k Mehmaan

One of the best and most impeccable podcasts in Pakistan is surely Makkaan Kay Mehmaan. It talks about all the concerned topics within the industry. Topics that concern stakeholders, potential investors, general masses, and everyone else.

In addition, there is a gamut of guests coming over, exuding great brilliance, and most importantly guiding the masses. Helping the audiences make an even more wise and brilliant investment decision. It sure comes in the top 10 real estate podcasts and the viewers can attain a whole lot of information.  Furthermore, the developers come around and talk about their experiences.

Tajarat Properties

Yet another big name among the top Pakistan real estate podcast Spotify list is Tajarat Properties. They talk about all the trending topics along with giving expertise on other multiple topics. They also discuss the role of real estate consultants, agents, stakeholders, and everything in between.

In addition, the podcast is gaining a whole lot of hype and attention from the audiences because of its sheer authenticity, transparency, and most importantly, being up-to-date.

Junaid Akram Podcast (Ganji Swag)

If there is a discourse on the biggest podcast of all time in the history of Pakistan, the Junaid Akram podcast will surely make it to the list. Since the host talks and caters to all kinds of topics and subjects – so real estate too comes into the spectrum. In addition, among the top Pakistan real estate podcasts on Spotify list, we surely will talk about the Junaid Akram podcast.

There are all the topics being discussed that a novel, seasoned, or any other kind of listener wants. So, stay tuned and be updated whenever he comes up with a new episode about real estate.

Pakistan first property podcast

Well, we talk about real estate podcasts and not discuss the hugeness of Pakistan’s first property podcast. It simply is not possible. The show has tapped into almost every topic and department that there is in real estate. So, looking out for it will surely help all budding and seasoned investors in more ways than one. So, if you want to learn the finest way possible, tune in now.


As we amalgamated the top Pakistan real estate podcast Spotify list, we surely have talked about the best ones. So, take a look into all the major podcasts, get the needed and wanted insight, and thrive much better in the ever so complicated industry – the Real Estate Industry. We, as Estate Land Marketing, are always here to pave the novel path.

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