CPEC project fabrication roads repaired, a parliamentary committee

CPEC project fabrication roads repaired, a parliamentary committee

Local roads used in CPEC project fabrication mended, a parliamentary committee. According to a Pakistani parliamentary committee, all local roads used to construct the CPEC project in and around Abbottabad have been repaired.

The senate standing committee on transportation had received pleas from residents alleging that the local road used during the building of the CPEC project is in bad shape and in need of upkeep.

The meeting was informed on Wednesday that all damage and destructed roads had been rectified. The committee directed that the complainants be assembled at the following meeting and that the problem be resolved.

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The Senate Standing Committee on Communications met under the chairmanship of Senator Prince Ahmed Omar Ahmadzai. The gathering was informed that the National Highway (N-35) portion between Havelian and Shahina Jamil Hospital, which passes through Abbottabad City, has been widened and a detailed rehabilitation plan has been considered.

According to the Secretary of Communications, the plan calls for widening a 17-kilometer stretch of road connecting Havelian and Abbottabad. However, land acquisition remains a concern for the project. Additionally, the committee assessed the status of road building and repair from Forest Check Post Sehlad to Dheri Makra.

Additionally, the committee examined in detail Senator Mohsin Aziz’s private member’s bill to amend the National Highways Safety Ordinance, 2000, which he introduced during the Senate session.

Amendment Bill have been approved with the assistance of Senator Mohsin Aziz. New recommendations could be developed for human beings who are subjected to the effects of medications. Under the new guidelines, the National Highways and Motorways Police can impose a fine of up to Rs 25,000 or one month in jail, or both. Senators Behrmand Khan Tangi and Dinesh Kumar chaired the committee, which met in detail with the Ministry of Communications to discuss the bill.

Senators Kamil Ali Agha, Mohsin Aziz, Dinesh Kumar, Manzoor Ahmed Kakar, Muhammad Akram, and Abida Muhammad Azeem, as well as senior officers, were present at the meeting.

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