LDA hosts public hearing workshop on Kasur development

LDA hosts public hearing workshop on Kasur development

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has set up a public hearing and a meeting for people who live in the Kasur District to talk about how to make it grow in a way that is planned and sustainable. During the District Council Hall hearing, which is on February 19, it will start at 11 AM and last for about an hour.

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An advertisement on the LDA Facebook page says that the meeting will talk about public issues like water and sanitation and public transportation, as well as other topics like health and education, population, green land and farmland management, cultural heritage, and other things. As part of the government’s plan to build a new Lahore Division in 2050, this seminar will be held on Saturday.

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In order to solve problems and make Kasur better, the LDA has asked a wide range of people, groups, businesses, and organizations to come to a public hearing or workshop and share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with the LDA. This includes people who work for the LDA, as well as people who live in the district. People can also watch live sessions on “Facebook Live,” which will have a link on the official website of the LDA. People can find the link there.

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Is there a good place to send written ideas? The public can write down their ideas and send them to the Metropolitan Planning Wing LDA’s office. A website for the Master Plan for Lahore Division 2050 also has a place for people to send their ideas.

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