Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad


Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad is a residential community developing to help the residents of twin cities. Moreover, the project is ideally available at the most feasible site in Islamabad. Most importantly, the project comes under the MPCHS brand, which is famous for developing exceptional residential projects. The developers also offer the best living conditions to all investors in a single-gated community. Furthermore, providing luxurious and high-end features and facilities will be another aspect investors like about investing here. Lastly, the blogs will cover all the details of the housing project.

Owners & Developers

The developers are the main reason investors trust this residential project. Moreover, there will be other reasons that will be part of this project. Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society is the brand that is building this magnificent real estate project. The brand requires no introduction as it has already shown several unique residential projects like the MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2, Islamabad Gardens E-11, and Tele Gardens f-17. Furthermore, this housing project is the 5th project of MPCHS, and all of their projects are exceptional and profitable investment opportunities. Lastly, the investors trust the brand and its satisfactory deliverables.

NOC Status

The best and first aspect that comes to all investor’s minds is the legitimacy of the projects. Moreover, the best aspect of investing in this housing project is that it is the legal entity that has approval from the TMA, making it a more trustworthy option for the residents. Therefore, there will be news that the investors will soon have the good news of NOC approval. But, most importantly, investing in legal entities helps create sustainable and worthwhile investment options.

Location & Map

Multi Residencia & Orchards Location is a desirable feature of the housing scheme. Moreover, the site will be on M1 Motorway at Jhang Bhatar Interchange. In addition, the housing project is accessible through several points like the GT Road, Quaid Avenue, Rawalpindi Kohat Road, Srinagar Highway, and Islamabad International Airport.

Several nearby landmarks and places are available in the community, like the Wah Cantt, Jhang Bhatar, Hassan Abdal, Wah Model Town, HITEC University Taxila Cantt, and the Heavy Industries Taxila. All these landmarks are increasing the wort of the investment and living there. Lastly, Multi Residencia & Orchards map will help better understand the location.

Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad location

Payment Plans

The Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad Payment plan is a feasible and viable option for all investors and residents like Blue World City Islamabad. One of the best investment options is the instalment plan to help create a worthwhile long-term investment. However, the downpayment is necessary to start the investing process in the community.

Residential Plots Payment Plans

The residential properties available at this MPCHS project are highly affordable. Moreover, the instalment provision will be a more beneficial option as it increases the buying capacity of the investors. The process range here starts from PKR 1,110,000/- to PKR 4,500,000/-.

Residential Plots Payment Plans

Commercial Plots Payment Plans

There will be commercial units available in the community that will help generate optimal monetary value. In addition, there will be an easy payable instalment plan that will be a feasible option to pay by investors. The total property price range from PKR 4,389,000/- to PKR 26,000,000/-.

Commercial Plots Payment Plans 

Farm Houses Payment Plan

The MPCHS project is offering farmhouses to all investors at highly affordable rates. Moreover, farmhouses are an integral part of all residential projects. Therefore, several farmhouse sizes will be accessible to offer the best lifestyle to the investors and residents. Here are the farmhouse’s prices details.

Farmhouses Payment Plans 

Master Plan

There will be unique properties available in this MPCHS project. Moreover, all features and facilities will be available to help meet the residents’ needs. Furthermore, the master plan is here by expert architects and engineers. But, most importantly, there will be access to all basics and high-end facilities. In addition, the availability of residential, commercial, and farmhouses will be the best and unique provision that all investors would love to have from any real estate investment. Lastly, the master plan includes blocks A, B, C, and D. These blocks contain countless residential, commercial and farmhouse properties.

Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad master plan

Residential Plots

The residing places in the community are numerous, fulfilling the needs of the investors and prospective residents. Moreover, world-class architecture will be available there, ensuring higher living standards. Not only that, all luxurious and high-end commodities and utilities be available at this MPCHS project.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10.89 Marla
  • 14.22 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Properties

The commercial units also help many investors make excellent investment opportunities. Moreover, there will be a secure environment granted by the builders to make the best and the most massive business deals. The developers will also make a high-quality infrastructure to flourish any startup.

  • 176 sq Yards
  • 361 sq Yards
  • 457 sq Yards
  • 506 sq Yards
  • 544 sq Yards
  • 577 sq Yards


Farmhouses will be making a more viable option for all the investors to create a serene and green lifestyle. Moreover, the farmhouses are increasing the worth of this investment. They are a mandatory aspect of all housing projects as all investors need a break and family time. The spaces will be helpful to make get-togethers together and a lot more.

  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

Development Status

The Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad is developing at a tremendous speed. Moreover, most of the properties here are under construction. The roads are also fully furnished and help the investors make a worthwhile long-term investment in the community. Furthermore, there will be a plantation to make it a more green and sustainable living space for everyone. Therefore, this MPCHS Project is semi-developed. Thus, the optimal and adequate time for investing here is right away because once the investors live, the community’s worth will increase. Lastly, the Estate Land Marketing will give the community the latest development updates.

Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad Features

Several features will be part of this magnificent housing project by the MPCHS. Some of the outstanding deliverables are these:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Broad Roads & Streets
  • Unique Architecture
  • Educational Institutes
  • Medical Units
  • Play Grounds
  • Fitness Areas
  • Commercial Zone
  • Community Centers
  • Grand Mosque
  • Marts & Shops
  • Grid Station
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Graveyard
  • Apartments & Villas
  • Filtration Plants
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • High-Tech Security Features

Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad Facilities

The facilities available at the Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad will be of high quality and affordable. Some of the lucrative amenities are available here:

Environmental-Friendly Housing Project

The housing project will be one of a kind and develop following international living standards. Therefore, there will be several plants that will be part of the community. Furthermore, the developers will take care of the wastage of the construction to make the project environmentally friendly. Moreover, the latest techniques and technologies will be available to create a sustainable project. Lastly, urban town planning strategies will help make the unique and sustainable infrastructure.

Utility Availability

Several utilities will be available in the housing community, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the developers are creating a residential unit to make the best living standards for all. The electricity available in the community will be of minimal charge and will be available 24/7. Furthermore, the gas and water provision will be an essential commodity that all investors need to strive for healthy living standards.

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

The developers are trying to offer all investors a residence space that provides the best lifestyle and living conditions. In addition, educational institutes will be available in the community to help all investors achieve optimal educational goals. Moreover, the medical units will support all investors in getting treatment in an emergency. Both facilities will create a better place to live and strive for a happy life.

Commercial Zone

There will be commercial opportunities available at the Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad that will help in creating a long-term living standard. Moreover, there will be several commercial units available in the community that will help make investors in setting up new businesses. Furthermore, easy instalments will be available for all investors to allow them to invest in this community. Lastly, high-quality architecture will make the investors in growing the business faster and better.

Secured Gated Community

Lastly, security will be vital to living and investing in the community despite all the features and facilities. Moreover, high-tech facilities and parts will be available in the community to make it a protected housing project. The availability of security personnel will also make a living more peaceful and free from inconvenience.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Several benefits are waiting for the investors and prospective residents. Moreover, there are some of the exceptional erks available below:


  • Prime Location
  • High Access Points
  • Wide Roads
  • Main Boulevard
  • Reasonable Payment Plans
  • Availability of all basics
  • Family Parks & Grounds
  • Fitness Area
  • Gymnasium
  • Filtration Plants
  • Secured Gated Community
  • High-tech Technology
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Commercial Area
  • Educational Institutes
  • Medical Centres
  • Grand Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • Utility Provision
  • Community Center


  • Perception of high property rates.

Why Invest in Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad?

There are several reasons to make optimal and ideal living in the community. Moreover, there are different types of properties, including residential, commercial and farmhouses. Therefore, the investors will find a perfect home at the properties available here. Furthermore, the reason is that commodities and utilities will be available to make daily living standards high. There will be luxurious and high-end features available in a single-gated community. Furthermore, the developers will create a unique and sustainable housing project from medical, educational, and all utilities. Lastly, there will be exceptional benefits of living and investing in the community.


Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad is one of the upcoming housing projects with several properties to cater to the twin cities’ living and investing needs. Moreover, farmhouses will be available, which is a unique aspect of investing in the community. In addition, the investors will have the provision of an easy instalment plan that will help pay the total amount of the properties. Furthermore, there will also be an ideal location with high access points to enhance the living standards and the worth of the investment here. Most importantly, it is a legitimate housing venture that grabs investors’ attention to get profitable assets. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help create investors in making a sustainable investment here. So, connect now with them.


Q1. What is Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad?

Multi Residencia & Orchards Islamabad is a residential community developing to help the residents of twin cities.

Q2. Is this the MPCHS project?

Yes, the project is developing by the MPCHS, and it is their 5th project.

Q3. Where is the location of this MPCHS Project?

The site will be on M1 Motorway at Jhang Bhatar Interchange.

Q4. What is the legal status of this MPCHS housing project?

This housing project is the legal entity that has approval from the TMA.

Q5. Is the MPCHS Project has high Access points?

The housing project is accessible through the GT Road, Srinagar Highway, Quaid Avenue, Rawalpindi Kohat Road, and Islamabad International Airport.

Q6. Is there any payment and instalment plan available?

Yes, feasible and viable prices plan is available in the community.

Q7. Will it be a worthy investment near twin cities?

Of course, the brand name has proved a sustainable and profitable investment. So this will be a worthy option.

Q8.Who to consult to get an ideal investment here?

Estate Land Marketing helps investors in making a sustainable investment here.

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