Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase 1


Nilore Overseas Residencia is an upcoming apartment complex for overseas Pakistanis. Also, this project will be following international living standards with premium structural quality. Further, the most trustworthy factor of investing in this apartment scheme is that it’s a collaboration of the Government of Pakistan & the Capital Development Authority. Further, as the name suggests, the apartments come under CDA, an exceptional investment opportunity for overseas investors. Lastly, the article will include all overseas investors’ best and outstanding features to make a credible and remarkable investment in their country.

Owners & Developers

The Nilore Overseas Residencia owners are GOP (government of Pakistan) and CDA (Capital Development Authority). Moreover, for overseas investors, legitimacy is crucial as they want a residential investment that helps them earn good gains. Further, the investors can undoubtedly make an investment prospect backed by the government. Most importantly, the projects come under the Capital Development Authority, which is again a plus for all overseas investors because the name suggests credibility. So, from the developer’s and ownership’s point of view, the apartment investment option is the best for them.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate of this housing project is already available; as we have discussed above, this apartment complex comes under the capital development authority. Moreover, the housing project falls under CDA and mainly covers all entities under Islamabad. Further, overseas investors find an investment opportunity in Islamabad that is also affordable and is not more than a dream come true. Lastly, contact us as expert real estate consultants for more legal work updates.

Location & Map

The Nilore Overseas Residencia location & map is also one of the remarkable investment opportunity in this apartment complex. Also, the project lies in zone 4 on Lehtrar Road. Moreover, the best aspect is that the apartment complex will be close to the various accessibilities, making it the best investment opportunity for all overseas investors like the Blue World City Islamabad. Lastly, the location map available below makes the other location details easily understandable.

Nilore Overseas Residencia location map

Access Points

These access points make the apartment complex a desirable living and investment opportunity for all overseas investors.

  • 8 km from the Club Road
  • 8 km from Islamabad Expressway
  • 5 Km from the Tourism Highway
  • 15 Km away from the Srinagar Highway

Nilore Overseas Residencia Payment Plan

Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase 1 payment plan will be highly affordable with the best investment opportunity for making profitable investments. Also, as per the information, there will be instalments, and manageable downpayment amounts will be available for all overseas investors. But the developers and owners will unveil the details and more specific particulars soon. Further, the estate land marketing will quickly share all the information as soon they receive it from the authentic source. So, keep yourself updated by visiting our website or contacting our professional real estate consultants.

Master Plan

Nilore Overseas Residencia master plan will be available soon by the officials. Moreover, there will be apartments, and the high-rise building will be part of the community, giving a sense of contemporary living. But as per the latest news, we assure you that the apartments will be available at reasonable rates. Lastly, the apartment details and specifications available are available here.


The apartment provision will facilitate overseas investors in achieving more meaningful livelihoods. Moreover, the infrastructure’s quality will be premium, giving a sense of a contemporary lifestyle. Also, the available size specifications of the apartments will be:

  • 2 Bed Apartment (779 SFT)


Several features will be available at the Nilore Overseas Residencia phase 1. Some of them are here:

  • Mosque
  • Lift
  • Parking Area
  • High-Quality Structure
  • Sustainable apartments
  • Schools
  • Wide Roads
  • Street Lights
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Sign Boards
  • Nearby Shops
  • Medical Units
  • Water Supply
  • Security Gadgets


Nilore Overseas Residencia phase 1 has a lot of living facilities for all the overseas investors in the community. Here are some of them to benefit from living and investing here.

Access to all Basics

The Nilore Overseas Residencia guarantees a lifestyle in that there will be access to all essential amenities available in the community. And that includes the electricity provision and gas supply. Further, filtration plants will be available in the surroundings with adequate supply in the apartment complex. All these facilities will provide overseas investors with a more excellent livelihood to all of them. Most importantly, these facilities will be available at affordable rates with instalment provision.

Health & Educational Facilities

The apartment complex will provide the residents with the best possible living conditions. Also, there will be high-class educational facilities available in the community. Further, the developers are keen to make it close to international status. Moreover, the community’s medical facilities are available to assist the residents in achieving medical aid when needed.

Secured Environment

Guards and security gadgets will be available at the Nilore Overseas Residencia. Also, developers want to make it, so residents feel safe and secure like Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, security cameras with the latest gadgets will give investors a desirable livelihood. Also, this feature attracts overseas investors to create peaceful living conditions for all residents. Lastly, the apartment complex will be under the CDA and government, so the investment here will be secured and profitable.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The premium quality apartments will let the residents make the best lifestyle and living conditions. Moreover, there will be wide roads, and street lights provision will be available. Also, the contemporary structural quality will give the essence of the luxurious lifestyle. Further, this apartment project will be specially designed for overseas investors, so quality matters when attracting overseas investors.

Sustainable Living Space

The Nilore Overseas Residencia is developing with the international urban town planning standards. Moreover, there will be less wastage involved in the process of making efficient construction strategies. Also, there will be a plantation drive in the surrounding area, making it a more serene and peaceful place to live. Therefore, overseas investors might find this investment a desirable and long-term investment for them.

Pros & Cons

There will be several pros available for the Nilore Overseas Residencia residents. And here is a glimpse to give them a better idea regarding this investment opportunity.


  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Sustainable apartment complex
  • Access to all basics
  • Ideal location
  • High Acess Points
  • Desirable payment plan
  • Electricity Provision
  • Mosque
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Renowned Owners
  • Secured Environment
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Nearby shopping areas
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational centres


  • Perception of expensive investment

Why Invest In Nilore Overseas Residencia?

The Nilore Overseas Residencia phase 1 is going to be the one-stop shop for all the residents and investors, to create a sustainable investment. Also, the best feature will be the location, that make it the best and the most credible investment opportunity for overseas investors. Also, the prices of the apartments available here will be in range. And it is viable because of the instalments and downpayment. Most importantly, as we know that the housing project comes under the government and CDA. And both are enough to ensure overseas investors about the credibility of this venture. Therefore, overseas investors who are looking to make the best investment opportunity in the country, investing at Nilore will be highly beneficial.


The collaborative project between the government of Pakistan and the CDA (capital development authority), Nilore Overseas Residencia will be one of its kind residential investment. Also, the project is specifically designing to meet overseas investor’s needs. Further, as per the available data the location will be at the prime site, as it will be at zone 4 on Lehtrar Road, making it the most feasible and approachable apartment investment opportunity. most importantly, the prices will have instalment plan with easy down payment.

So, all overseas investors looking for an exclusive residential investment in the country then this will be the best option. Lastly, for further, details and guidance contact the professional real estate consultants at Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is Nilore Overseas Residencia?

It is an apartment complex that will be available for overseas investors.

Q2. Where is the Nilore Overseas Residencia location?

The project lies in zone 4 on Lehtrar Road.

Q3. Is the payment plan of  NOR available?

Soon the owners will share the payment plan details.

Q4. Will there be an instalment provision available?

Yes there will be an easy instalment option available for

Q5. Who are the owners of the Nilore Overseas Residencia?

It is a cooperative project between the government of Pakistan and the CDA (Capital Development Authority).

Q6. Is the site of the apartment complex accessible?

The site of the apartment is accessible from Club Road, Islamabad Expressway, and the Srinagar Highway.

Q7. Where to get the investment opportunity here?

Estate Land Marketing will be the guide to attain the best investment opportunity here.

Q8. What is the Nilore Overseas Residencia NOC status?

The project comes under the jurisdiction of CDA.

Q9. Is investing here will be valuable?

For overseas investors’ this will be the best investment opportunity.

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